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Thomas had problem with Cain, not Abbott

Arizona State's final flickers of life tonight appeared early in the second half when Isaiah Thomas and Ty Abbott were hit with technical fouls.

However, Thomas explained after the game that his problem wasn’t with Abbott, but with ASU freshman forward Kyle Cain.

“He was hitting me all game, and I told the refs to watch it,” Thomas said. “And then he hit me that last time, and … I ran after him and told him not to do that again. When I was taking (the ball) out he acted like I wasn’t there and just ran through me. It was no biggie. I just wanted him to know not to do that again.”

Abbott picked up his technical when he saw Thomas running after Cain and darted between them. The ASU bench also picked up a technical.

The incident briefly ignited the crowd -- and the Sun Devils, who scored four straight points. However, Romar called a timeout, warned his players that a potential turning point had arrived, and they raced away from there.

"What I talked to the team about was those situations can change the complexion of a game, especially on the road. No. 2," Romar said. "We’d better be ready, because they could bring it and we don’t want this thing to be the thing that turns this game around in their favor."