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Huskies remember Coug fans storming court

After Washington State beat the Huskies in Pullman this season, several Huskies indicated that they took offense at the WSU fans storming the court for a mid-season win.

Asked today, UW leading scorer Isaiah Thomas said he still remembers.

"It’s lingering in (my mind) and hopefully it’s lingering in a few other players on our team," he said. "After the game I just watched how they did that. They felt it was the right thing to go, I guess. I remember it, so it’s something on my shoulder. Hopefully we get it correct this time."

Thomas said he expects the Dawg Pack to stay in their seats at Hec Ed if UW wins the rematch on Sunday.

"They will," he said. "Beating Wazzu, beating any team in the regular season unless it’s the No. 1 team in the country, I don’t feel like you should storm the court. We’ve only stormed the court one time, and that was when we won the Pac-10 championship. I know they won’t even think about storming the court if we win."