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Thomas discusses Overton, slump, more

On the Overton situation) Basketball out the window, that’s tough.It’s sad. I don’t even know what to say. Someone close to you like that, in their last year, for it to go down like it has, it’s tough.On if he was disappointed in Overton's actiona) Things happen. I can’t be mad at him. He knows he did wrong. He knows what was at stake. But people make mistakes. I always feel like you deserve a second chance at whatever mistake you make. And through the bad times and the good times, he’s kept his head high and just tried to push it out the window and play basketball.

On if it is a distaction) I really don’t think so. We never talked about it. We never really talked about it as a team – we talked about it one time and that was it. We played basketball. It was never a distraction for us or for him, I don’t think. … We just talked about it as a team: coaches, players, that was it.

On if taunts from road fans made things tougher) You know what fans are capable of doing, going into anybody’s arena. They can say whatever they want. You just have to be a basketball player and push it out your mind and focus on doing what you’ve got to do for that game. It came to a point where some team said some things that you just don’t say. But people are disrespectful in this world and, I mean, it is what is it. You put yourself in that position and people can say what they want.

On how the Huskies will respond) We’ve got to respond positive. Out backs are against the wall once again. Gaddy went down, Tyreese (Breshers) was down at the beginning of the year. It’s been a rough season. I mean, it’s been up and down, but I’m not going to give up. It’s a new season right now. Everybody’s 0-0. We’ve got Washington State on Thursday. Nobody’s feeling sorry for us. I’m not feeling sorry for us. We’ve got to go out and win basketball games. I’m going to talk to my teammates today just about keeping your head up and our backs have been against the wall before. We know what it takes to win a Pac-10 tournament championship. And we’ve got to play every game like it’s our last because it could be our last.

On if he's ready to go 40 minutes as the team's only real point guard) Yeah, I’m ready. I’ve been really focused like lately my play has rubbed off against the team. I put a lot on my shoulders and a lot of blame goes to me for how we’ve been playing the whole month of February. And I’m just ready. I’m ready for Thursday. I see what you guys write. Everybody’s against us and it seems like our season may be over, but it’s a new season. I’ve been in the gym a lot. I’m ready for whatever coach needs me to do, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to get a win on Thursday.

On what's wrong with his own play) I’m out there thinking too much. The last two or three games, I’ve just been thinking a little bit too much. It felt like in my mind like I was a freshman, looking over to the bench every play seeing if I’m doing good or bad. I don’t know. When I thought about it Sunday night it came to me like I’m just thinking too much. I’ve need to go out there, play basketball, and not worry about anything else but winning. I’ve been in the gym Sunday, Monday, I was in there today. I feel like when I get in the gym that’s when I know I’m really focused and I put everything aside. I’m ready to play Thursday and put the team on my shoulders and try to get a win.

On if he's tired) I’ve worked since the summer to be ready for this. I’m not tired. I’ve got little things I can do better. … Falling back, I’m not keeping my follow-through up. Free throws: not bending my legs. Little things that can be fixed and they will be fixed Thursday.