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Huskies-Bulldogs begin long wait to tipoff

Gameday has dawned for the Washington Huskies and Georgia Bulldogs ... but it's still quite a wait for their 6:45 tipoff, which is 9:45 Charlotte time.

Asked about this yesterday, both coaches took it in relative stride, although each seemed to favor a more traditional tip.

"I'm not concerned about our players playing at 10 -- they're usually awake then," Georgia coach Mark Fox said. "I'm more worried about myself, you know. So I forced myself to stay up late (Wednesday) night, so I'll get used to it. I don't think (it will be a problem). This is a special stage, and hopefully that will have no impact."

UW coach Lorenzo Romar: "I would always prefer to play later than earlier in these type of tournaments. The time we're starting is definitely late, that's for sure. But again, if we had our choice, a little earlier in the day would be great, but not too early. But again, when you make the NCAA tournament, you do what they ask you to do."

Meanwhile, here's our game preview from this morning's News Tribune. And one from Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.