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Huskies discuss opening win over Georgia

Here's some of what the Huskies had to say tonight after they advanced past Georgia, 68-65, in the NCAA basketball tournament:

ISAIAH THOMASOn the game): “We know teams are going to go on runs in NCAA tournament and we feel we have a lot of experience to stop those runs. We got some stops at the end and got some buckets.”

JUSTIN HOLIDAYOn post season success): “We have to play defense to win games. Towards end of season we have to play defense and we feel we have a good chance to win games.”

DARNELL GANT On the positive beginning to the second half): “We wanted to come out in the second half with a higher intensity. In the last few games, we haven’t started very well in the second half and we wanted to change that. If you throw the first punch, the other team tends to back down.”

On Coach Romar’s message at the half): “Coach Romar told us that shots would begin to fall in the second half. We told each other that Georgia couldn’t run with us.”

On the Huskies’ bench outscoring Georgia's 28-0): “I’m pretty sure that we have had games where our bench out-scored the other bench, but I haven’t seen many times where the opposing bench was scoreless.

And some of what Georgia had to say:

COACH MARK FOXOpening statement): “That was a hard fought game. We felt like we could control temp we could have a chance to win. Washington made the plays in the second half and we lost to a good basketball team. There’s no shame in that.”

TREY THOMPKINS On the tempo of the game): “You have to give Washington credit. They know how to score the basketball. We know how we’ve played all season and we were going to stick to it.”

TRAVIS LESLIE On making the NCAA tournament): “It’s an honor and privilege. Everyone wants to make the tournament. You’re here for a reason and there’re a lot of good teams here. Tonight just didn’t go our way.”

CHRIS BARNESOn the game): “Unfortunately the ball did not bounce our way and we ended up losing by three to a very good Washington team.”

On the second half): “We did not start the second half off well. We had to fight and claw to try to get back into it.”