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Williams, Romar get hot over ice cream (not really)

North Carolina coach Roy Williams and UW coach Lorenzo Romar have just concluded one of the odder -- in a good way -- media days I can recall.

Yes, yes, their teams will meet tomorrow for the right to go on to the Sweet 16. But that was distinctly secondary to the Great Ice Cream Incident of San Antonio, Texas.

It all began when Williams was asked what he thinks of Romar.

His answer: 'I don't really like him, and be sure and tell him I said that, OK? Last time we were together, I had to buy the daggone ice cream. He didn't bring any money with him.'

That led to this response from Romar:

"He's unbelievable. (Laughter). He begged me to walk to the store with him to go get ice cream, first of all. I was minding my own business, 'Would you please, I don't have anybody to walk with me? Would you please walk with me to the store so we can get some ice cream. I'll buy.'

"OK. All right. I guess I didn't want to be rude to him. So we went, yeah, bought some ice cream."

The exchange seemed to bring out the investigative side of the media present:

Q. This is Colorado Springs ice cream?

ROMAR: "Pretty sure there was Blue Bell there and Blue Bell is usually sold in the South. It was San Antonio. There you go: It was San Antonio."

Q. Cup or cone?

ROMAR: "No. It was a pint (laughter). If I don't have the facts, I won't say the story, unlike Coach Williams."

Clearly was all in fun, and the coaches eventually got around to the compliments.

Williams on Romar: "He's a great, great guy and a big time coach. I do enjoy being with him and around him, and he's one of the really good guys. But don't tell him that good stuff until you tell him the other."