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Overton: 'Better if I were still on the bench'

Venoy Overton spoke with the media at some length after the game about the closing sequence in which UW in-bound the ball trailing by three with five seconds left ... and he hoisted a shot from near mid-court that didn't come close.

His plan?

"I felt like he was going to try to foul before we got a shot off. I misjudged his reach. I thought he was going to really reach and I got in the air and I had to throw it up."

His reaction when he realized his plan had failed?

"He didn’t foul me. It’s too late. Game over, that’s what I thought."

And then his thoughts after the game, knowing his decision didn't even give UW's best 3-point shooters the chance, and thereby ended the college careers of seniors Matthew Bryan-Amaning and Justin Holiday, as well as his own. "It’s very disappointing. As a guard you just know if they’re going to foul you just let them foul you and hopefully something else happens. I’m disappointed. We shot the ball really well and, really it would have been better if It would have been still on the bench, where I was most of the game and let somebody else make that decision. But it’s a decision that happened and the team is going to move on, they’re going to be great next year."