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Three UW seniors look back ... and ahead

Today's 86-83 loss to North Carolina ended not only the UW season, but the UW careers of seniors Matthew Bryan-Amaning, Justin Holiday and Venoy Overton.

Here's some of what they had to say before taking off their Husky jerseys for the last time:

MBA:"It’s been a quick four years. Everything I remember from freshman year and not making the tournament, and then three outstanding years after that. Obviously we’re not satisfied just being able to play with North Carolina. We know that we did everything we did to try to win the game. Obviously we’re upset about this game, but just playing with these guys is a lot of fun."

OVETONOn what's next) I’m going to be fine. I still can go on and play basketball. I’ve talked to a few people to try to go somewhere to get a workout. There’s always overseas or somewhere. The people that know me know that if I go somewhere else I’m not going to be this kind of player. … Once that’s over I’m going to really show what I can really do.

HOLIDAYOn the team he leaves behind) "I know the guys that we have right now are going to come out and fight and give it all that they have every game and play the best they can to win games. I know they did that for me, and they’ll do that for each other, that’s for sure."