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Romar expects no roster defections or surgeries

Coach Lorenzo Romar just concluded his end-of-year press conference, although it really looked forward more than back. I'll be back with more later, but among the quick highlights, he said:

* Isaiah Thomas "owes it to himself" to investigate NBA options, but seems to expect he'll return.

* assuming Thomas returns, he is likely will more more to a scoring guard role next season than all the ball handling he did this season.

* size and ability of Terrence Ross should allow him to go with four-guard offense some next season.

* says even without Matthew Bryan-Amaning, says team should still have good overall size due to big guards/wings along with Aziz N'Diaye and Darnell Gant.

* he will meet with returning players next week to discuss strengths, weaknesses and preparation plans for next season.

* the team will likely finalize 2011-12 schedule next week, but won't discuss it until then.

* there is no existing plan to redshirt any of the arriving freshman next season, and adds he's still hoping to add a frontcourt player to the group.

* he expects all of his assistants to return unless one takes a head coaching job.

* no off-season surgeries are anticipated, and Adbul Gaddy is working hare on his rehab.

* he expects no players to transfer, but admits sometimes there are surprises.

* the 2011-12 Pac-12 "will really be improved next season." He says some teams aren't losing any key players, and the league could project with five or six NCAA tournament teams.

* asked about being a victim of higher expectations, he says he "would hope people would be patient and see that we're still making progress."