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Practice report for August 9th: plenty of intensity, fumbled snaps

Here's some video highlights ... I am not Scorcese or Spielberg

The second day of practice saw some highlights, some lowlights and a few moments of confusion from some of the young players that are in just their second practice as members of the Huskies.

Starting off with the good first, the defense looked much better.

"I thought our defense's ability to get around the football today was really evident.  Did a nice job of punching balls out, they got their hands on balls in the passing game…a couple of interceptions, and even a couple more that we didn't catch…but we got our hands on the ball today.  That was really encouraging."

The bad? There were an awful lot of dropped exchanges. Probably at least a half dozen if not more.

"I was a little discouraged by the fact that our exchange between quarterback and center today, for whatever reason, came into play.  And that can always put a little bit of a damper on practice, but overall I liked the intensity, the enthusiasm, guys brought it again today.  We've just got to clean up that quarterback-center exchange and keep practice moving along."

Many of the dropped exchanges came from normal starting left guard Colin Porter, who is taking reps at center to be a back-up to Drew Schaefer in case he were to get hurt. Also guilty was true freshman Siosifa Tufunga, who is just a young guy getting used to a new quarterback, usually third-stringer Derrick Brown.

Still Sarkisian found moments to get excited about.

A few notes ...

Freshman linebacker Nick Holt, son of defensive coordinator Nick Holt, was working out at fullback for the second straight day and was even wearing a purple offensive jersey.

Senior defensive linemen Everette Thompson worked out at defensive tackle, instead of his usual defensive end spot. With Sione Potoa'e and Semisi Tokolahi limited, Thompson and true freshman Danny Shelton have been working at that tackle spot.Senior offensive tackle Skyler Fancher was taking reps at guard.

"We moved him into guard today, give him an opportunity in there to see what he looks like," Sarkisian said. " He's a real big body, he's strong, he's powerful, and I just think he's a little more suited in there. You get out on that edge and there's so much speed, so much of a speed factor…if you can get a big body, a powerful body like him inside, it might suit him better.  But we'll have to look at the film.  It allows Ben Riva a few more reps at right tackle, which is what we wanted to do as well."

The offensive line working with the first team unit was:

RT - Erik Kohler

RG - Colin Porter

C - Drew Schaefer

LG - Colin Tanigawa

LT - Senio Kelemete

Freshman Kasen Williams got plenty of work as the No. 3 receiver in the first-unit. His route running seemed a little more confident in the second day. He was very aggressive going to get the ball on a couple of plays. He absolutely abused Greg Ducre during one-on-one drills, blowing by him on a fade route and catching a pretty pass from Keith Price.

Freshman QB Derrick Brown had some interesting moments. He basically ran the whole gamut of emotions during team drills. Besides fumbling a few snaps, he fumbled on a run after trying to lower his shoulder and knocking over a defensive back.

He also connected with DiAndre Campbell on a long touchdown pass were a coverage was clearly blown. And he also tossed an interception. Got to love freshmen QBs. But Brown has some talent. He's got a good arm, and he's big and physical. There's some potential there.