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Athletics department announces "Drive for Husky Stadium" with video

The University of Washington still has five games to play at Husky Stadium in the 2011 season, but today they launched their website dedicated to the new new Husky Stadium that will open in 2013.

The Drive for Husky Stadium is the name of the site at

The site features several different options for fans to visit. Most importantly, it has ticket information for the 2012 season at Century Link Field and the 2013 season at the new stadium.

According to associate athletic director Jennifer Cohen, several fans and Tyee members have already used the site today to pledge donation and look at tickets for 2012 and 2013.

One of the cooler aspects is the Virtual Venue of the new stadium model.

Listen as associate athletic director O.D. Vincent gives a little tour of the virtual stadium.

A few other notes from the  meeting

The stadium should still be right around 70,000 seats. But there won't be any obstructed view seats. Unlike the 3,000 obstructed view seats like the current.

As has been widely reported, there will be no more track around the field. The first row from the 50-yard line will be 44-feet from the sideline in the new stadium, currently it's 72- feet because of the track.  That is big for viewing and also for noise levels on the field.

Season ticket prices for 2012 at Century Link and 2013 at the new stadium will be unveiled in October. Woodward stressed that there will be no exponential ticket increases for 2013. He said any increases would be "incremental."

There will 21,000 donor seats in the new stadium.

There will be a 60 percent increase in restrooms, including significantly women's restroom. It was not said whether the increased men's rooms will have urinals or just pee on a wall. It's safe to assume probably something a little more up to date.

The students have been moved off the great seats in the lower bowl between the 40-yard lines. Instead, they will be moved to the west end zone along with the band.

The university has raised $42 million of the $50 million goal before construction begins.

The football operations office, locker room and weight room and training facilities will be "state of the art" according to Woodward.

The new field kept the tunnel in the northwest corner where the Huskies come out of pregame. However, visiting teams which also come out of there in the current setup, they will now come out of the Southeast corner where their locker room will also be located. The visiting fan section of 400 seats will also be placed in that corner. Any other additional visiting seating will be the last priority and will be interspersed throughout the stadium.

There will be plenty of new suites at the new stadium. There will be premium suites that will run about $60,000 for a season. There will also be new smaller "outdoor" suites that are not quite as expensive.

There will also be event decks where people can go for special events, particularly on nice days.

Of course, there will be a jumbotron, which they labeled a Husky-Tron. In the /0/">renderings it looks massive atop the west side of the stadium.

Woodward said that they are still on track for the $250 million price tag. And such things like commodities like steel and concrete, which can often change in price will fall on the responsibility of the contractors and sub-contractors.