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Mid-morning reading: Chip Kelly annoyed with questions about Darron Thomas

Yesterday the video of Cliff Harris' arrest for reckless driving after being pulled over for  more than 118 miles per hour on I-5  in the offseason hit the the internet. Television station KATU first published the video. While the moments of the two Oregon State Patrol officers discussing what to do and the one even asking to see the Pac 10 championship ring were highly amusing, the part about Darron Thomas being present in the car with Harris wasn't quite as funny to Duck fans, especially with the admittance that marijuana was being smoked in the car.

If you remember, Thomas was also present with Jeremiah Masoli when he was pulled over by police and busted with weed, and Thomas was also riding with teammate Eddie Pleasant when he was picked up for street racing.

But when pressed about the recent situation, head coach Chip Kelly - as he often does - got a little chippy with the local media.

"Darron Thomas is the leader of this football team," Kelly said, eyes flashing. "There is absolutely no question about it. He's as good as I've been around."

That statement raised a few eyebrows from  the local columnists, who not surprisingly disagreed. From columnist George Schroeder of the Eugene Register Guard ....

Maybe that’s all the bristling was, just the coach backing his guys. But let’s also hope that before Kelly arrived at his unquestioned, absolute determination of unconcern, he sat his quarterback down and hammered home a few points.

Or at least imparted some handy tips.

A team leader, for example, might tell his younger, less mature teammate: Slow down.

He might suggest to the guys in the back seat: Don’t smoke that. And of course Oregonian columnist John Canzano had his many thoughts on the situation.

Sorry, Coach, but the state trooper did more coaching and teaching on the interstate with cars whizzing past than Kelly did in the aftermath. The trooper, recorded on his dashboard camera, said to the players: "You guys are a pretty important part of the program down there. You want to stay alive and be able to help your teammates out, stay in school and finish school and get on with your life, huh? Driving 118 miles an hour is not the best way to do that."

At one other point, the trooper asked, "How do you think (Coach Kelly would) like it if I called and told him you guys are doing 118 miles an hour down the freeway -- the star football players on the team?"

Well, Officer, we all got a pretty good listen on Tuesday.Realistically though, things could be worse for the Ducks ... they could be the Miami Hurricanes.  Just read the story, it's amazing reporting of a huge scandal. In a way though, are you really surprised that something like this was going on at Miami?

Still, a reminder to all football fans. If you see this man pictured below on your campus ...

... nothing good will come from it for your football program. While fans may fear him, journalists like me revere and respect Robinson. The man is one of the best in depth reporters in the business. You will recall it was Robinson and his buddy Dan Wetzel, who broke a lot of Willie Lyles stuff with Oregon.

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