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Afternoon reading: The jurisprudence edition

Nothing like a few links dealing with off the field issues for a myriad of teams.

My good buddy Fritz Neighbor at the Missoulian has a story on Kavario Middleton's DUI. Apparently Griz head coach Robin Pflugrad was unaware Middleton had gotten picked up for it this summer.

"I haven't had a chance to talk to the kid," he said. "Without knowing more, I can't comment."

The big LSU-Oregon game or maybe we should call it "The Willie Lyles Bowl" is going to be missing a few marquee players.

Oregon corner Cliff Harris was suspended earlier this year for his impersonation of Danica Patrick.

LSU countered by suspending wide receiver Russell Shepard for violations mostly from the Lyles situation. It sounds as though Shepard may be out for several games.

Head coach Les Miles finally suspended quarterback Jordan Jefferson and teammate Joshua Johns after felony arrest warrants were issued for their role in a bar brawl.

"This has become something very disproportionate to what it is," Jefferson's attorney, Lewis Unglesby, said Friday. "There are fights in bars involving young people all over this country every day. I don't believe Mr. Jefferson did anything wrong. At the end of this, when you get through with the drama of a big-time program and quarterback, at the end of it it's a bunch of college students acting like college students act. And we can't lose sight of that."

In this story, bar employees say the main victim threw the first punch.

Before the suspensions were announced, Oregonian columnist John Canzano wrote this column about Les Miles and the program he runs.

And now to the saga in Coral Gables, Fla., where 10 players, including quarterback Jacory Harris and linebacker Sean Spence, were suspended for their actions with booster Nevin Shapiro.

“They’re eligible to practice,’’ Golden said Friday of the players that have been reported to the NCAA. “We have filed paperwork to the NCAA as of late last night, which is part of the normal process. The way the process works is we deem them ineligible, file the paperwork on their behalf and the only entity that can reinstate them is the NCAA. We’ve done our part. Of course, there are going to be follow-ups from the NCAA standpoint. But we’ve done our part from this end and it’s up the NCAA to reinstate them.”
CBS Sportline's Dennis Dodd wonders how other players like transfer Robert Marve

Oh wait, this report isn't over.

Tulsa's All-American wide receiver Demaris Johnson has been suspended for at least three games after police questioned him on his girlfriend's embezzling charges.

Tulsa police spokesman Leland Ashley says Johnson was questioned Thursday after Chamon Jones was taken into custody.

Ashley says Jones, who works at a local Macy's, is accused of selling more than $1,500 worth of merchandise to Johnson for just under $13 on one occasion. She also is accused of only charging him 34 cents for merchandise totaling $1,283. Mississippi's projected starter Randall Mackey was suspended for the opener because of a disorderly conduct charge.

That's all for now ... Just linking all of this makes me want to take a shower.