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Wednesday's practice report: Polk practices in red jersey, Fogerson full practice

In a hint of good news - maybe not necessarily for this weekend, but definitely next week's game against Hawai'i - Chris Polk was in full pads practicing today. He wore the red "no contact" jersey, but he was out there running and cutting at full speed and being very physical during individual drills. He even took a couple of hand-offs during team drills.

"I thought Chris looked good today.  We'll see how he responds tomorrow.  We'll have to see how he responds tomorrow."

Fell0w running back Johri Fogerson was also in full pads and did a full practice. While he didn't take a significant number of snaps during team and 11-on-11 drills, he still took enough to make it seem like he would be ready for Saturday.

"Johri got back going today, it was good for him to get out and running the ball,"  Sarkisian said.

Of course, all of this good news is contingent on how Polk and Fogerson feel tomorrow after practicing today.

Just ask Quinton Richardson. After practicing fully on Tuesday, Sarkisian said Richardson's left ankle was a little sore today. They tried a different tape job on it. And he didn't participate in any team drills which Sarkisian said was planned.

Richardson was limping noticeably and he struggled to get out of his back pedal on one-on-one drills. Being able to run at full speed and getting out of your back pedal to start running are kind of important for a cornerback. I would be highly surprised if he played on Saturday.

Other highlights from practice included Kasen Williams daily ridiculous one-handed grab. Williams also had a 40-yard reception from Nick Montana during an early team period.

But it was wide receiver James Johnson, who had an outstanding practice, making at least four extremely tough catches. He just looks like the player the Huskies envisioned when he won a starting job as a true freshman.

Didn't think Keith Price was extremely sharp at times today. Against the No. 1 offense, he threw a ball right to Cort Dennison, who returned it about 20 yards for a touchdown. There were about two other passes in that sequence that also should have been picked off. Price did come back and make a couple better passes in 7-on-7 drills.

"Yeah, 'Turnover Wednesday' again," Sarkisian said. "It's about creating turnovers. And the defense definitely got one in the team session with Cort and I think another one there by (Will) Shamburger in the 7-on-7 drill."