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Thursday night Pac 12 pick: "I'm a man, I'm 40!"

These Thursday night games are forcing me to pick too soon.  So you know what: I"m not going to pick all the games at once, what if the line changes to benefit me? And really it's all about me. Plus I was busy studying the degrees at which Keith Price was limping around at practice this week and haven't had enough time to research all the games. I'm here to not only dominate, I'm here to make money ... well ... if I bet on college football, which I don't.

So I will pick tonight's Pac 12 game today, and maybe do the rest of the picks on Friday.

I’m sorry. I know it’s been four years now, but this never gets old. Man, I loved that tantrum. I’ve watched as guys turn 40 and they walk around screaming, “I’m a man! I’m 40!” Someday many years from now when I turn 40, I plan on doing the same.

The whole scene was awkward and dumb and ridiculous. But that being said, Mike Gundy is a pretty good football coach. He has – along with the unlimited bankroll of T. Boone Pickens (the South’s version of Montgomery Burns) – built OSU into  a pretty darn good football program.

Think about this, Washington is trying to raise money to build Husky Stadium. It's a three-year process. OSU needed to fix up Lewis Field and they just call up Uncle Boone and he opens the check book. It’s estimated that over the years he’s donated $400 million to the school with an estimated $265 million to the athletics program. He once gave the athletics department a $165 million donation. That’s what happens when your alums start multi-million dollar oil company and then gajillion dollar hedge fund. He basically funded the stadium renovation. Can’t imagine why it’s now named Boone Pickens Stadium.

I feel like if you give your child the middle name Boone, there’s a pretty good chance he will be an oil tycoon or a hunting guide or a truck driver. All three are cool lifestyles in their own way.

Which leads us tonight’s game in Stillwater …

Arizona at No. 9 Oklahoma State (-14)

The pick: Really this wasn’t a very difficult decision since OSU boat-raced Arizona last season, 36-10, in the Outback Bowl, and the Cowboys return pretty much their entire offense. OSU racked up 666 yards in last week’s win over. Meanwhile, Arizona is starting two sophomores in its secondary. The Wildcats will also be without big time playmaker Juron Criner. It was wildly reported that the wide receiver had a mystery “illness” and would not travel. The Wildcats were going all Chip Kelly and wouldn’t go into any details.

But then head coach Mike Stoops told ESPN’s Jenn Brown that Criner had an appendectomy. I just can’t understand why Stoops would relent and tell Brown the secret he'd keeping quiet all week. Hmm....

I feel for Criner. I had appendicitis earlier this year. It was terrible. Not as bad as the botched appendectomy, but that’s another story and failed lawsuit.

So without their top playmaker, five new offensive linemen making their second college starts, the Wildcats are going to try and win in the stadium T. Boone built. That’s not happening.

OSU wide receiver Justin Blackmon, who is better than ¾ of the NFL receivers, didn’t have a touchdown catch last week. He will have at least two. I’m just wondering if he will get a penalty for showboating and get his third TD catch called back. Could you imagine Gundy's reaction to that?

I feel like this could be a good game for some good Mike Stoops tantrum faces.

If I were a betting man … I’d give the 14 points and take the Cowboys. OSU is winning by at least 21 points. If the over/under for Stoops’ sideline rants is 9.5 also take the over.