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Morning reading: Huskies-Huskers meet yet again

Here's my story for today's paper about the Huskies and Huskers playing for the third time in 12 months.

Regardless of familiarity, both teams aren’t going to change.

“I don’t think either team is going to make drastic changes schematically,” Sarkisian said.

Anybody who’s been around Nebraska coach Bo Pelini knows he won’t be changing his philosophies just because he’s playing the same team more than normal.

“It’s no different,” he said. “I don’t attack it any different. You look at what they do and how they see you. You look at the games from last year and look at what they’re doing this year and we will do the same. We won’t prepare any different.”

And he isn’t expecting anything different from Sarkisian.

“They’ve done pretty much the same stuff over the past couple of years,” Pelini said. “They’ll tweak things for us the same way we tweak for them.”John McGrath had this column from yesterday that I didn't get a chance to post.

Is it too early to envision a bowl bid at stake when the rivals meet at CenturyLink Field for the Apple Cup? Of course it’s too early.

Heck, I’m still trying to grasp the idea of the Apple Cup at CenturyLink Field. The thought of an unusually pertinent story line on Nov. 26 requires more imagination than I’m prepared to use on Sept. 12.

Still, Washington’s two major-college schools are undefeated, which is more than can be said for such states as Oregon, Arizona, Georgia, Mississippi and Pennsylvania.

Not since 2001 have the Huskies and Cougars broken out of the gate 2-0, and they did that only because Washington’s road game at Miami was rescheduled as a regular-season finale because of the terrorist attacks. The Huskies were clobbered, 65-7, so it’s fair to assume they would’ve lost in Week 2.From Art Thiel of Sportspress NW, here's a column on the Huskies going to play at the epitome of college football - Memorial Stadium in Lincoln.

Ask anyone who traveled to Lincoln the last time the Huskies played there, in 1998. Like me. It was like being at an all-day Nordstrom sales training session.  Everyone was polite, courteous, shook hands firmly and made eye contact directly, seemed interested in your welfare and offered to do most anything to help your visit. By the time I left, I was hoping to be adopted. I guarantee I wasn’t the only Seattle visitor so affected.

Which is not to say it wasn’t weird. It’s almost a law that Big Red is injected into every newborn and newcomer, maybe even travelers changing planes at the airport. A lot of college towns get wrapped around the axle of the high-profile team, but Lincoln residents, as well as the entire state population, seemed linked at the cultural cerebellum to the thick-necked boys of the corn.

Yet fans somehow retain the perspective that the visiting team is, in fact, the visiting team, not the Taliban. After the Huskies were walloped 55-7, Nebraska fans surrounding the visiting team’s tunnel exit stood and applauded the vanquished purples. No mockery, no name-calling, no meanness. Pac 12 North

Cal: Jon Wilner grades the performance of the Bears along with Stanford.

Oregon: Chip Kelly skipped out on talking to the media today. Linebacker Michael Clay was on crutches at practice on Monday. Oregon's defense returned to it's old playmaking self.

Oregon State: The bye week came at the right time for the injury-riddled Beavs. Head coach Mike Riley will scrap the dual quarterback game plan and name a starter.

Washington State: Vince Grippi takes an early look at Cougs opponent - San Diego State.

Pac 12 South

Arizona: A decision on whether Juron Criner (appendectomy) will be made later this week.  The Wildcats' brutal schedule as they prepare for Stanford

ASU: Here's some video of head coach Dennis Erickson and quarterback Brock Osweiler's press conference. ASU's defense has not been very good at tackling.

Colorado: Head coach Jon Embree will have to re-shuffle the offensive line again because of injuries.

USC: Las Vegas was not pleased with how the Pac 12 handled the scoring change in the USC-Utah game.  Many of the sportsbook's are keeping to the 17-14 score -- so that means I covered in my picks!!!

Look, Pac 12 official Tony Corrente is lucky that Nicky Santoro is not alive, and also a fictional character.

Because if not? Corrente would be getting a visit from the "little guy." And he wouldn't want that.

UCLA: Rick Neuheisel wasn't satisfied with Richard Brehaut's performance.

And of course, T.J. Simers bats around Rick Neuheisel in his column

I sure hate to see him stop talking, because if you've followed his coaching career at UCLA, it's what he does best.

For the last three years, win or lose, he would grab the microphone and talk to the remaining fans behind the UCLA bench. I made a point of stopping by just in case he broke out his guitar and started singing "Kumbaya, my friend."

Since I'm big on comic relief, I thought his pep talks were the highlight of more than one UCLA football game, but I can understand now why he might want to go into hiding as soon as possible.

If you spent any time watching Saturday's game against talentless San Jose State, you probably need a life.

There really wasn't much Neuheisel could say when it was over other than maybe, "I saw my whole UCLA career flashing before my eyes when it was 17-17."Utah: The Utes must prepare for one of the most bitter rivalries in all college football - "The Holy War" against BYU. Quarterback Jordan Wynn admitted that his throwing motion has changed because of his offseason shoulder surgery.