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Audio: interesting interview with Larry Scott on KJR

People often ask me if I listen to sports talk radio, I say, "Yes. I have to, it's part of the job."  But I'm not ashamed to admit, I enjoy it at times too.

Then they ask, "which is your favorite show?" Usually I say the Ian Furness Show with Jason Puckett on 950 KJR.


Well, for one, they kind of gave me my start in radio. I started going on that show in 2008 and have been going on ever since. I consider them friends.

But the other reason is because I like the show is the content. It's heavy on guests and low on callers. Most of the local writers listen to the show if given the opportunity. There's the right mixture of humor with information. Plus, they do the work. They are out at games and practices and they read everything we write.

Case in point ... Thursday's interview with Pac 12 commissioner Larry Scott, which touched on expansion, the posturing of the schools that were supposedly coming in, addressing revenue sharing, expansion in the coming years and the future of the Pac 12. Want to understand what's going on with the  conference? Listen to it.