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Wrapping the weekend's game in the Pac 12 Vontaze-style

How awesome is that photo? I've said on Twitter and the blog how intriguing I find ASU linebacker Vontaze Burfict. Does anything do a better job of summing up Vontaze Burfict and the anger and passion with which he plays? Though according to this story from the Arizona Republic's Jeff Metcalfe, Burfict isn't playing with the same type of emotion and anger he needs to play with according to defensive coordinator Craig Bray.

"We still want him to be a violent person, but he has done too good of a job of controlling himself this year," Bray said. "Hopefully he'll find that intensity back between the snap and the whistle that he's had in the past.

"Because of the media and us as coaches, we've taken a lot of his aggressiveness away because we've hammered him about stuff that happened after the whistle. I think he's trying to please people, and the bottom line is he's got to become an angry, violent person from snap to whistle."This could be interesting. I can't wait to watch.

The photo reminds me of Alvin Mack of the "The Program"

Arizona State 43, USC 22

From the Republic ... ASU snapped an 11-game losing streak against the Trojans and they did so in dominant fashion. Columnist Paola Boivin points to the 2009 recruiting class as a reason for ASU's success. QB Brock Osweiler stood up for his offensive linemen after they'd been criticized in the loss to Illinois

From the LA Times ... The game story from Gary Klein. Senior linebacker Chris Galippo and a pair of youngsters played well at linebacker in the loss.

Columnist Bill Plaschke wrote about the culmination of all that went wrong in the loss.

And now the Trojans will be called out, disappointment covering this team like a coating of fine brown dust, hope for their growth at least temporarily stunted.

The guy calling the plays, Coach Lane Kiffin, clearly still has some things to figure out. The guy running the plays, quarterback Barkley, looked like he could use another year before joining the NFL. As for the Trojan defense, well, I'm guessing there are a few Trojan chat rooms today that could tell you a thing or two about a defense that allowed Arizona State to convert half of its dozen third-down plays and never seemed to make a big stop.

"It showed up again," said Kiffin of the bad tackling. "We got spread out again and we showed up in space. It wasn't as bad as some points last year, but it showed up again, unfortunately." Oregon 56, Arizona 31

From the Oregonian -- Here's Ken Goe's game story. .... Auburn Riverside grad and all-conference tight end David Paulson had his best game of the season. ... LaMichael James (above) rushed for 288 yards to set yet another school record. ....Columnist John Canzano says the Ducks will go as far as their defense allows them.

That is, unless Stoops onside kicks (as he did before halftime) and recovers enough of them to make the Ducks defense stay on the field. Which brings us to the only thing that stands between Oregon and a Bowl Championship Series berth.

Oregon's defense.

If the Ducks can't figure out how to stop a mediocre Pacific-12 Conference offense such as Arizona's, how can it expect to slow Arizona State, USC and Stanford? It's those games that will define the UO season, and winning one or two isn't going to be enough. And I have to think Cardinal quarterback Andrew Luck is unavailable for comment on the matter because he probably saw Arizona-Oregon highlights and hyper-salivated.From the Eugene Register Guard ... Here's Bruce Pascoe's game story .... Another story on LaMichael James running wild. ... Columnist George Schroeder wrote t he Ducks did a good job of winning the mind games.

After the loss to LSU, we weren’t sure what Oregon was. They beat up on two cupcakes, and we still didn’t know. But we learned plenty Saturday night.

“This was the one to really see where we are as a football program,” Kelly said.

Arizona isn’t very good. But it was a Pac-12 game, on the road. And we’ve all seen craziness unfold at Zona’s zoo — this is why Oregon’s cheerleaders wore hard hats late in the game. Early in the second half, when the Wildcats scored two quick touchdowns to get back in the game, it surprised no one. UCLA 27, Oregon State 19

From the LA Times .... Here is Chris Foster's game story .... UCLA grinded the game out on the ground, allowing QB Richard Brehaut to attempt just 11 passes.

Columnist TJ Simers writes that fans who want Rick Neuheisel fired actually lose when UCLA wins.

There will be plenty of opportunities, beginning next week at Stanford, to blister Neuheisel. If everyone is right about Neuheisel, there will be eight more chances to bury him.

But as discombobulated as he appears to be at times, and I just like that word, shouldn't he get kudos for preventing a Bruins collapse after the punt debacle?

"I told the team at halftime we played terrifically," Neuheisel says. "I told them I take a full responsibility for the punt return. That's on me. Now you guys have to pick me up as you do each other and we're going to wrestle momentum back from them."From the Oregonian ... Here's Paul Buker's game story .... QB Sean Mannion was up and down in his first start. .... The Beavs are looking forward to getting running back Malcolm Agnew back this week

From the Corvallis Gazette-Times .... Here's Steve Gress' game story. ... The return of James Rodgers and Joe Halahuni gave OSU a lift, but it wasn't enough. ....Here's some analysis from Cliff Kirkpatrick.

Ohio State 37, Colorado 17

From the Boulder Daily Camera -- Here's Kyle Ringo's game story. ... Slow starts have plagued the Buffaloes ... Ryan Thorburn looks at the question many opposing fans are wondering: why did the Pac 12 add Colorado?

It's a good thing Larry Scott isn't allowed to trade CU to Chuck Neinas for Oklahoma and a team to be named later.

Everyone understands Embree has inherited a British Petroleum-sized mess that the first-year head coach is trying to clean up one spoonful at a time. The new staff needs to stack some recruiting classes together before it's truly ready to go on the road and beat an elite program like Ohio State.

This is a honeymoon period. With a lot of the former coach's kids tagging along.

Over the next nine weeks, however, it's very important that the current Buffs -- the seniors who are used to losing and the true freshmen who have been thrown into the fray -- show the Pac-12 some glimpses of why CU football belongs in this conference.

A 1-0 start would help.