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Morning reading: Fogerson lost for the season

Here's my story about Johri Fogerson being lost for the season to knee surgery.

Initially, it was hoped that it was simply a severe bruise to a nerve on the outside of the knee. But a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) test on Monday revealed a tear where the hamstring connects with the lower leg.

“I wish I could give it to you in doctor’s terms, Sarkisian said. “He’s going in for surgery Friday morning, and he’ll be out the remainder of the season. It’s somewhere around an eighth-month recovery.”

Because Fogerson is a fourth-year senior, the Huskies can petition for another year of eligibility for him.

When asked about the possibility, Sarkisian said, “I’m hopeful.”

The loss of Fogerson isn’t crippling to the UW backfield. Washington has Chris Polk at 100 percent healthy, and he does the bulk of the work. Fogerson was already battling a sore hip that limited his availability. 

ESPN's Ted Miller wrote about Keith Price this week.

Still, an impressive spring game and consistent playmaking in practice is one thing. What about when the lights go on and the action counts?

Question answered. Price, reputed to be cooler under pressure than a fall evening in Seattle, seems almost amused that folks are surprised.

"I knew how good I could play," Price said. "I knew my potential."

That's not just Price's personal confidence. That is a common theme among the Huskies players and coaches. While fans and media are agog with "Can you believe how good Keith Price is?" the Huskies coaches and players say they saw this coming.

"He's been doing this for us every day in practice," Sarkisian said. "Did I think he was going to be leading the country in touchdown passes after four games? Probably not. But I did think he'd play well." Jon Wilner wrote about Keith Price yesterday .... and he writes a little more about Price before making  his Pac 12 picks, and he takes Washington over Utah.

WASHINGTON (plus-6.5) at UTAH: Huskies are coming off a close win at home while Utes are coming off a bye, but it feels like too many points to give an offense as potent as UW’s. Pick: Washington.