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Wednesday practice report: Staff on road, Sark runs show

This UW bye week provided a chance for coach Steve Sarkisian to give some of his young and little-used players a chance to work in game-like conditions.

Sarkisian ran the scrimmage himself today in Dempsey Indoor, while all of his assistant coaches were out of the road recruiting.

He admitted it made for a harried day. But he seemed content that his assistants time was being put to better use.

“I didn’t know if I could handle it myself," he said. "But we wanted to maximize our days. We only got one bye this year, and when you’ve only got one bye I felt like it was imperative to get out Wednesday – to make sure we were in high schools Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and if there are games on Saturday games on Saturday. That was the reason for it: just to maximize our time this week on the road.”

Sarkisian said he hasn’t received much feedback from what kind of reception his staff is receiving. However, he figures the Huskies’ 4-1 start can only help: "I would imagine so. I haven’t heard that yet. They probably don’t want to talk to me either. It gives us a chance to kind of get away and recharge the batteries too."

He also said the Pacific-12 Conference expansion into Colorado and Utah also could help the Huskies’ recruiting efforts in the Rocky Mountain states.

“It can,” he said. “We’ve been there already before. I think it’s helpful that if you’re going to recruit the Rocky Mountain region that if we’re playing there that’s only helpful, that a kid knows that there’s a chance to be playing in front of his home fans.”

The demands of running the scrimmage without much help made it difficult for Sarkisian to give much of an instant report card on the day's work.

"It’s hard to identify specific players when you’re trying to manage the whole thing," he said. "Obviously, Bishop (Sankey) has an early fumble there but then bounced back with a nice long run. I’m assuming some of the O- and D-linemen did some good things. I’m going to have to look at the film.

"What I appreciated was the spirit of the vets, the one’s who weren’t playing. They were into it. They were coaching. They wanted the guys in their position groups to do well, and that’s the sign of a close team."

INJURY UPDATESSarkisian reported that tailback Johri Fogerson has had surgery on his injured knee, and said it went well. Meanwhile, he said defensive end Hau’oli Jamora’s knee surgery scheduled for Friday. James Sample, he said, “is getting healthy, which is good.” Wide receiver Kasen Williams watched practice from a walking boot, which was called a precautionary thing to protect the ankle he hurt in Utah.