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Know your enemy: catching up on Colorado reading

Didn't have a post up yesterday so here's a few links. The video above is of Jon Embree's Tuesday press conference.

From the Boulder Daily Camera ...

Embree says he will play his seniors as long as they compete.

"As long as you're playing well, I'm going to stay with you," Embree said. "I'm going to try to keep us in the best possible situations to win and play the best players that give us that chance to win from that standpoint.

"...I think the worst thing you can ever say is, 'Oh, we're going to rebuild, or, Oh, we're just going to play and try to get ahead for next year.' Because a lot of those guys (seniors) have played an integral role in this program and they deserve every opportunity to try to make it right." This notebook talks about the Buffs and Huskies competing for some of the same recruits. Embree was able to convince offensive linemen Paulay Asiata to choose Colorado over Washington.

Here's a preview of the game.

From the Denver Post ...

A story on wide receiver Keenan Canty