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Nick Holt's postgame comment

Because of deadline issues, I wasn't able to wait out defensive coordinator Nick Holt. But I was able to get a transcript of it from Condotta.  Holt had family obligations so he really only took one question before leaving, obviously it was about his defense's struggles against the run.

"They just they got into extra offensive linemen and just kept grinding away and at times we played it correctly and then they popped a bunch of them. And they just kept with it and we couldn't knock them out of it and then early in the game third downs we didn't get off the field  on third downs so that was really the story there. And then you get behind and you can't get them out of that personnel and they keep pounding you and pounding you and we are not there y et physically in our program with our guys with just staying toe-to-toe consistently. There were some good things but a breakdown here, a breakdown there and they will pop one there. So we'll learn from it and look at the film and correct it and then we've got to move on.

Okay guys? Really, there is no other issue we've just got to play better against the run, make our tackles and get off on third down."