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The Quotebook: "I don't think anybody expected this."

Here are some quotes from players and coaches following  Saturday's 65-21 loss at Stanford.

Steve Sarkisian

"We missed some opportunities that maybe could have changed the complexion of the game there and we just didn’t capitalize and against a good team like that, if you don’t capitalize on those opportunities, that’s what happens. They wear you out and they wear you down. We couldn’t keep pace with them."

"Horrible play calls. I lost my mojo, so I gotta find it.”

"I think we’re becoming a more mentally tough team. I think we’re still a bit fragile at times, but we’ll learn from this. There’s a lot of football left to be played. At the end of it all, we’re a 5-2 football team. We’ve got five games to go and we can go two ways and one of the keys is, for us, not to feel sorry for ourselves and sulk and feel down.

"I hate losing. I’d have felt the same if they had to kick a field goal with no time left to beat us or if they beat us 60-whatever to whatever it was. I hate it. It sucks.

Nick Holt

“They just they got into extra offensive linemen and just kept grinding away and at times we played it correctly and then they popped a bunch of them. And they just kept with it and we couldn’t knock them out of it and then early in the game third downs we didn’t get off the field  on third downs so that was really the story there. And then you get behind and you can’t get them out of that personnel and they keep pounding you and pounding you and we are not there y et physically in our program with our guys with just staying toe-to-toe consistently. There were some good things but a breakdown here, a breakdown there and they will pop one there. So we’ll learn from it and look at the film and correct it and then we’ve got to move on.

Okay guys? Really, there is no other issue we’ve just got to play better against the run, make our tackles and get off on third down.”

Cort Dennison

“I have all the belief in our guys that we’re going to be able to bounce back.  This is one game and it doesn’t define a season.  We’re 5-2 and the kids on our team have a lot of character and resiliency and I have all the belief in the world that we’re going to bounce back.”

“We’ve bounced back from tough situations before and I know the kids on our team have a belief that if we do it once, we can do it again, so I have all the faith in the world in our guys.”

“I don’t think anybody expected this.  When you’re preparing to win a football game, this is the last thing that you think about, so you gotta just move on and try to improve in every aspect that we can.”

Chris Polk

“Statistically speaking it’s not a step back, but internally as a team, the team that you saw, the Huskies, that wasn’t us.  We’ve played way better football than that and I guess we just lost our edge, but it’s a learning experience so we’ll continue to get better and learn and critique it and learn from it and keep going.”

“We got a little frustrated. We were getting stopped and they were scoring. We felt like we had to do something, like we had to make plays. People started trying to do too much instead of doing their job.”

Austin Seferian-Jenkins

“I don’t really care about the margin to be honest with you I just care that we lost and it didn’t matter if we lost by 3 or however many we lost.  A loss is a loss and I think everyone would have still felt the same regardless of the score.  To lose a game like this is tough but you got to get over it and we got to move on.  There’s other games to play and it’s a long season.”

Desmond Trufant

“Great corners make that play and I got to go up there with confidence and go up there and go get the ball.  Unfortunately I didn’t get it but I just got to learn from it and keep pushing forward.”

Keith Price

“It’s embarrassing, it’s embarrassing.  Any time you lose like this it’s embarrassing but we’re going to try and make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

“Definitely, you just feel like you always got to score. They score and then you got to come back and score and we didn’t do that and offensively we got to score when we need to and we didn’t do that.”

Stanford head coach David Shaw

“Andrew’s the coach on the field. That phrase gets completely overused, but Andrew’s the truth of it. If I  felt like showing you my call sheet, which I don’t, you would see that every single play that we have on the call sheet, is one play kill to another play, or one play kill to a second play or third play and on every single play he can audible to a fourth or fifth play.  He has it all at his fingertips and every single play today he got us to the right play.”

“The biggest pitfall in this profession and I’ve lived in this profession my entire life, the biggest pitfall in this profession is to a) worry about things that you shouldn’t worry about or b) worry about things you can’t control. The only thing we control is how we work during the week and how we play on Saturday’s and after that great, if that puts us some place, great.  If it doesn’t, so be it. We’re going to play hard, and we’re going to play aggressive and hopefully we’ll continue to get better.”

Stanford running back Stepfan Taylor

“It was exciting to see everybody go out there and have fun. When we came back in at half time, I told (Tyler) Gaffney ‘let’s try to get 500 (yards) out here.’ It was a great feeling, we had a great week of practice, and I was excited to just come out here and play.”

Stanford QB Andrew Luck

“They’re a great group of guys and could easily be sitting at this table, but they’re too proud to be at the table I guess. They work their butts off all week and take a lot of pride in their work. As a quarterback, it’s real fun to get the snap, hand it off, and see those big guys work and it is somewhat of a thing of beauty to see those 300 pounders move on their feet. It’s amazing.”