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Morning reading: Nick Holt has "thick skin"

Everybody's talking about Nick Holt today. On KJR, Mitch in the Morning was criticizing him, followed by Softy sort of defending him. Last night Holt talked with the media for 10 minutes , and of course he was asked about the criticism he's been receiving.

From my story ...

And it’s not the first time this season. Holt was criticized following the 51-38 loss to Nebraska.

Like most coaches, Holt isn’t into Twitter and doesn’t listen to sports talk radio.

“I rarely listen to the radio as it is, talk radio,” he said. “Other than country-western and NPR, I’ll listen to that.”

Holt reads the newspaper, but he tries not to read coverage of the Huskies.

“Yeah, I read the paper,” he said. “I do because I want to read about the other stuff other than ourselves.”

And yet he knows what’s being written and said about him and his defense.

“I guess you’ve got to have thick skin,” he said. Columnist John McGrath compared the Huskies defense to the Seahawks offense ... ouch

Huskies coach Steve Sarkisian downplayed the slaughterhouse stench of the final score – 65-21 – by insisting: “I’d have felt the same way if they had kicked a field goal with no time left to beat us.”

Seriously, Sark? Losing on a last-second field goal is never fun, but at least it prevents mock and ridicule. Stanford scored more points against the Huskies on Saturday than its men’s basketball team scored last season in a 58-56 home victory over the UW.

OK, the defense wasn’t entirely to blame – quarterback Keith Price threw an interception returned for a touchdown – but, still, eight scores in eight possessions?

The mighty Blue Devils of Duke contained Stanford to 44 points, as did Washington State.

Arizona, on a crash course that would cost coach Mike Stoops his job, surrendered 37 points to the Cardinal. Even Colorado, with a defense weaker than balsa wood, kept Stanford under 50.

Stanford is on a runaway-train ride toward a perfect season – its Nov. 12 showdown against Oregon is looming as Game of the Year – but there’s no excuse for a major-college team to look as crushed as the Huskies did at the point of attack. Jim Moore of ESPN 710 offers his thoughts ...

There was just no way – at the time anyway – that a defensive coordinator in the Pac-10 deserved $600,000 a year, but that’s what Holt got. Plus here’s the thing – you pick any defensive coordinator you want and give him USC’s players. I’ll bet he could put together a pretty good defense too.

I also didn’t like Holt because he pulled a Dennis Erickson on Idaho before Erickson did. Holt was the head coach of the Vandals once upon a time. Check out the timing of his departure from Moscow – right after letter-of-intent day. Boy that must have made his recruits feel like a million bucks! What a bush-league move by a bush-league guy.

When you’re a bush-league guy, you do bush-league stuff like tell everyone that you’re headed to St. Louis to be an assistant coach with the Rams only to take a detour to L.A. when you get a better offer from Pete Carroll at USC.