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Four quick thoughts from the Washington's 34-17 loss to Oregon

1. The offensive line struggled mightily. Head coach Steve Sarkisian called the six sacks allowed "embarrassing." And he wondered how there could be no pocket for Keith Price to throw on almost every pass play. But it wasn't just pass route breakdowns. The O-line struggled in run blocking too. They were simply just a step slow to making the proper block. That Chris Polk got 80 yards was a serious accomplishment.

"I thought our D-line really created a lot of pressure and we knew with such an efficient quarterback like Keith that we couldn't sacrifice our coverage," said Oregon coach Chip Kelly.

2. Oregon's team speed on defense was a factor. All of Washington's slower developing pass plays, including screens and quick routes were jumped by Ducks DBs. It was noticeable how aggressive and fast they were. The obvious counter to that is to run a double move. But routes with double moves take time to run, and we know Price had no time to wait for it to develop.

3. Little mistakes hurt. Washington dropped four passes, threw two interceptions, had a fumble. You  can get away with maybe one or two of those things against Oregon and be in the game. All of them combined? No chance.

4. David Paulson's catch was the back breaker. Sark called it the turning point. And it was. On third down and nine in the third quarter, Paulson got open on seam down the middle. Two years ago, on a third down and 24, he had a 25-yard catch over the middle. Oregon has so many weapons, that a player like Paulson, an all-conference player and a legit NFL player, gets lost at times. The kid from Auburn Riverside, who spurned the Huskies for Oregon, has killed Washington the last few years.