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Video: Nick Holt talks about USC, the loss to Oregon

Unfortunately, I turned off my video camera when Holt was asked about his comments about Oregon. Here's the transcript of that part.

If he was surprised about his comment about USC being such a big deal?

“Nothing surprises me anymore.  I’m sure they’re looking at it that I was trying to disrespect them.  I’m the last guy who is going to disrespect the University of Southern California  - their institution, their coaches, and players.  I’m the last guy to do that and obviously I think it was taken in the wrong context.  I think what I was trying to do was say how difficult and good Oregon is to prepare for.  Take it as it is.  Didn’t mean anything by it. They know they have good players, we know they have really really good players and they do a nice job in their schemes and we just got to go down there and play our best football.”

Will USC will be fired up by it?

“I don’t know.  Obviously they made a big deal about it.  I’m sorry that it got down there and it is what it is now.”

Do you think  Kiffin has made it a big deal?

“I don’t think so.  I think that they heard it and thought I was being disrespectful, which I wasn’t.”