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6-foot-10 freshman Jarreau will redshirt; Georgia State coach says it's Gaddy who makes UW go

Coach Lorenzo Romar announced after the win over George State today that 6-foot-10 freshman forward Jernard Jarreau has decided to redshirt.

“Jernard and I talked, and before the game he decided he was going to redshirt,” Romar said. “He understands that he has some talent and … just knows ‘I want to get stronger and learn the system and then come out here (next season) with a fresh start.”

Other postgame quotes:

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo RomarOn Aziz N’Diaye’s game:He has great timing. Last year this time he may have fouled in this game trying to do that. And tonight he only picked up three fouls. If he can continue to do that, he’s going to be a force. This is the first game since Aziz has been here that we played against a team that really ran the floor, played zone and played small and he was still a factor in the game. When teams go small like that, it’s a little more difficult for him (Aziz). I think tonight he found a way to impact the game. On difficulties of the day:(There were) too many dribble-drive opportunities for them in the first half. We did not have middle penetration. There were too many blow-bys, guys going around us. In the second half we did a much better job of keeping them in front of us. They were better on the offensive glass than they should have been. There were too many offensive boards. Twelve is too many. Darnell Gant:On his performance:I feel like the opportunities that I had to score tonight was something I’m looking forward to getting all year. You know, just running the floor and getting open shots for myself. I just got to play to my strengths, and if it’s open more, then that’s what you’ll see. I was just trying to play hard and I guess, when you play hard, good things tend to happen. My teammates did a good job of finding me on the fast break, so we got a good outcome. What the team was thinking during the timeout when Richardson tied the game at 23:Just to locate shooters. We were doing a poor job of keeping them out of the middle, which was just one of our defensive principles. Every time they drove through the middle, they seemed to get a wide open shot and he had to shut that down real quick. And after that, we came out with a better sense of urgency and we took it away. On if he was surprised on how many 3’s they had:No because that was in the scout. That’s what their new offense is – tempo. They cast them up. We were prepared for that, but it’s a shock on how many 3’s they hit. Abdul Gaddy:On the game:I thought we did pretty well. We had lapses where we didn’t play good and we didn’t execute the pressure on defense. Overall, I think we scraped, we got after it on the defensive end. I think we rebounded really well and we played really well tonight. Now we just have to get after it tomorrow. On CJ Wilcox:If he’s open, he’s going to make it. Sometimes, I feel like if I pass it to him, you can’t look at the rim and have to get back on defense. That’s how good a shooter he is. Teams will be digging themselves into a hole if they leave him open – that’s how I feel. He’s a great shooter and he’s going to keep shooting and I think teams are going to start to see that, especially on film when they watch us. Tony Wroten:Talking about four players with double figures:Our whole team is very athletic and we all could score. We’re just fortunate enough to have a team where we love playing with each other. Like last week, Abdul said maybe one player will score the most, myself, Darnell, CJ… but if we come together like we did today, then we can all score and you see the outcome, we came out with a win. On how he felt today:I was more excited than I was nervous today. Last week was kind of a game to get all the jitters out. Even though this was a real game that counted, I was just more relaxed and focused and more ready for the game. I think I played well. I’m not perfect – I think I could’ve played better. I’m just doing whatever it takes to help my team a win and we’re fortunate enough to get a win. Georgia State Head Coach Ron HunterInitial reactions to the game:It’s my first time coaching Georgia State and I knew that this was the best team on our schedule. I told our guys that. I’m glad we played this game. I think there were some good things that we did and some things that we learned. As I told these guys, these are the type of teams you play in the NCAA tournament. This is a tournament team. I think he’s got (Coach Romar) a better team this year than he had last year, and I saw them play last year. This team’s way better, and that’s no disrespect to them, he’s got a really good basketball team. This easily could have been a 30 or 35 point game. But our guys kept fighting. On the 3-point shooting of Rashaad Richardson and other positives from the game:He’s been doing that. When he makes a couple he plays with confidence and again this is a team that hasn’t won in seven years and we’re trying to teach them how to win. We kept fighting. Even with guys down, we kept fighting. So, we’ll get better. Who stuck out in your mind for the Huskies?I think the experienced guys were really good. Bringing a guy like Wroten off the bench only makes them better. But the key to their basketball team, is that point guard (Abdul Gaddy) controls everything. When he plays well they’re going to be hard to beat. That kid’s really good. You can see the glitter with the other guys, but that point guard, he’s special.