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Three quick thoughts on Washington's 40-17 loss to USC

1. There needs to be some accountability from the offensive line

Look, we've tried to talk to the offensive line this year. We've tried to talk to them when they play well. We've tried to talk to them when they haven't. And we have been rebuffed more often than not. After giving up six sacks last week, and seven sacks this week, and  being called out by head coach Steve Sarkisian multiple times, someone needs to step up and talk about what's going on, whether it's O-line coach Dan Cozzetto, team captain Senio Kelemete or someone else.

We ask every Wednesday to talk someone, anyone from the offensive line, and we've talked to Kelemete twice and Drew Schaeffer once and Cozzetto once  -- during the week, never after a game.

2.  Kasen Williams needs more touches

Well, if Price has time, then they should look for Kasen more and that goes for Sarkisian too, start calling plays for him. He is the second-most talented player on the offense behind Chris Polk. You are bowl eligible, it's time to start also working toward next season and developing Kasen is important. Then again, I'm just happy we got to talk to him.

3. Missed tackles, penalties and missed assignments aren't just player issues

I'm not trying to lay blame on any one person or one group. The miscues of Saturday fall on everyone. EVERYONE. The idea that coaches can't make the plays for players only works at the pro level. This is different. Part of teaching at the college level is finding ways for players to understand how to make plays. And if through all the coaching and the teaching and learning, they still can't make the plays even if they are in the right position, then it's the coach's fault for having them out there. Either coach them into being playmakers or just capable players or don't put them out there, and recruit someone else.