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Sarkisian on starting QB: 'You guys won't know, but we'll know.'

The signs point one way.

Nick Montana has been the barking, free-running entity in the UW's offense huddle this week. He has not only taken all of his turns in individual drills throwing to receivers, he has taken ALL the snaps with the No. 1 unit through three days of practice this week, including Wednesday.

His father - former NFL Hall-of-Famer Joe Montana - and mother both attended the early parts of practice Wednesday, too. Would they watch if he was just running the second-team show?

Meanwhile, Keith Price - barely mobile with knee and leg issues - watched. And he watched. And he watched, with helmet parked on his shoulder.

And the winner for the starting-quarterback job Saturday at Oregon State is ... not you, the public! Shame on you for inquiring.

Mum was the word after practice Wednesday, just seconds after UW coach Steve Sarkisian declared his entire offensive team off-limits to media interviews.

And then the cat-and-mouse affair began? Who is the starter, Sark (not telling)? Do you know (not saying)? When will you announce it to the team (Thursday ... but the rest of the world has to wait)?

"We're not going to change offensively. We run what we run - it's a little too late in the season to right now change who we are and what we do, so we're not going to change that way," Sarkisian said. "But I think there's a psyche deal to it for our team; they need to know. The players need to know so they can move forward."

Nearly a year ago, another starting quarterback named Jake Locker was beaten up after taking countless hits against Oregon State, Arizona and Stanford.

After finding out that Locker had suffered significant damage to his ribs, Sarkisian came into his early-week press conference on the Monday leading up to a showdown at No. 1 Oregon, and immediately the senior from Ferndale out of action.

He followed that up by saying Price would be the starting quarterback against the Ducks.

A couple days later, in rather ordinary fashion, Price held an interview with a group of reporters, and approached the subject. No harm. Everybody left smiling.

The complete opposite transpired Wednesday, for no apparent reason other than the fact Sarkisian wanted it to be that way.

A coach's audible.

But just in case ...

"There will be things that feel similar in that I'm not just going to handcuff (Montana). He's going to have his opportunities to throw the ball around, throw it down the field," Sarkisian said. "But regardless of who the quarterback is, if we are going to be successful, we've got to run the ball. And we've got to do it well."