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Nick Montana will start according to Steve Sarkisian's tweet

This is the world we live in. Steve Sarkisian tweeted earlier that Nick Montana will start at quarterback on Saturday in Corvallis.

Here's the full tweet ...

Nick Montana will make his first career start this Saturday. So proud, he has earned this opportunity. Need to get Keith Price fully healthy, he has had a great season.
So there's that.

Not sure why Sarkisian waited till today, nor do I care at this point. If it comes down to Nick Montana being the difference in winning the game on Saturday against OSU, then the Huskies have already lost.

This game comes down to the offensive line, and Chris Polk. If the O-Line can bounce back and give Polk just a little bit of running room, then he will rack up over 200 yards and take control of the game. OSU's rush defense ranks 11th in the Pac-12, giving up 183 yards per game. The Huskies should dominate the line of scrimmage and take control of the game.