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Nick Holt: "We tried everything."

On if this is one of the lowest points at UW:

"One of them. We had our opportunities and we needed to come up with some plays there especially in the third and early fourth quarters.''

On that being a theme of not making plays at key times:

"It's probably a product of a lot of things. We are in position at some times to make things happen and we've just got to get it done. And it falls back on myself, I need to probably do a better job of making it simpler so our guys are playing faster. Today it hurt, we lost two safeties in the first quarter and that kind of hurt some of our third down stuff and we tried to do a couple of things on third down with a guy that didn't have many reps at it because he was the third teamer and that kind of distracted a lot of it, a lot of guys, in our third down stuff, but that's not an excuse, it's just one of those you've got to overcome that and maybe should have made it simpler and let our guys play but there are times we've got to help our guys out with some calls and we just didn't execute a couple of times.''

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On the long pass out of the end zone:

"It was a double move and we are playing zone coverage and he (Quinton Richardson) bit on the double move and the guy got behind him.'

On if that was a backbreaker:

"Yeah, second and 10, yeah we let them off the hook there with that play right there. But that's not the only thing that happened out there, obviously.'

On what UW tried to do:

"We tried everything. We rushed three, we rushed four, we rushed five and a couple times rushed six and I think our kids are trying, our effort is good and they are trying and we've just got to keep getting better at that stuff. But we tried to change things up to try to find that right formula on third down and a couple wins there but we need to do a better job there."

On if it's a confidence problem now:

"I think the kids are really trying hard and maybe a little tight and  obviously they get discouraged and we all get discouraged and they want to play so well and we want them to play so well and just get back all of us on the same page and get back to playing fast and maybe that's cutting down some of the defense. We'll see what happens from here. We've got another big game left, obviously, and we've got to play a lot better than we did today, especially on third down.''

On if it's pass rush or coverage that is more the issue:

"I think  there are a couple of coverage issues that arose and that was because of a couple of guys doing some stuff that they hadn't had a lot of reps at because we lost two safeties that got all those reps. I think a lot of it has to do with not getting after the quarterback with four-man rush so we've got to create ways to get there and they are battling but we are a little deficient right now in that area.''

On if he wouldn't have put the kids who made the mistakes and didn't have a lot of reps in those situations:

"Well we didn't have a lot of choices there. We could have stayed base and hindsight is 20-20 but there are some other things we could have done.''

On how surprised he is by the struggles in game 11 of year three:

"You know what? I knew what we had going into this year. I knew we were really young and we lost some really explosive players that made a lot of plays for us. When we blitzed we used to get there and now we get blocked and there are times we stay blocked and it's due to a lot of factors. But I thought Oregon we played hard and SC we did some good things and today at times we had our chances, it's 17-14 in the fourth quarter and we are not there yet to rise up and make that big play on that third-down long pass, we need guys to rise up and make a play for us on third down and do something special and right now we are struggling to find those guys.''