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And my 2011 Heisman Trophy ballot is . . .

I am fortunate to be one of the voting members for the Heisman Trophy - college football's most prestigious MVP award.

So, I placed my vote tonight online (it is due Monday, and last year I was the LAST person to cast my vote, just before the deadline). So, here it is:

* 1st place - ROBERT GRIFFIN III, quarterback, Baylor: The guy simply has been the most dynamic player in the sport this season. He has more than doubled his touchdown pass output since his freshman season (15 TDs in 2008; 34 and counting this season). He passed for 3,678 yards. He ran for another 612. His college passer rating is 191.1. And he seemed to make a play every week that very few in the past decade can. Became the easy choice the last month or so of the season.

* 2nd place - ANDREW LUCK, quarterback, Stanford: As late as last week, I had the No. 3 choice ahead of him. But what was I REALLY penalizing him for - one bad effort at Oregon? Simply put, not only is he the best quarterback in college football, he is the best one I have ever seen live in my time covering Washington and Washington State. He passed for 3,170 yards and 35 touchdowns, and rarely ever pushed the matter - or seemed stressed - to do more, statistic-wise.

* 3rd place - MATT BARKLEY, quarterback, Southern California: Man, what a year. I thought he really deserved to be the Pacific-12 Conference player of the year (3,528 yards, 39 touchdown passes). Much like Luck, always seemed to step up his level of play in big games while never trying to pad his numbers against lesser opponents (except maybe in the past few weeks). Ultimately the tiebreaker between Luck and Barkley on my ballot - head-to-head result (Stanford beat USC).

Next 3 were Oklahoma State receiver Justin Blackmon, Alabama running back Trent Richardson and Louisiana State punt returner/do-everything performer Tyrann Mathieu.