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Will it be Oklahoma or Baylor?

We won't know the bowl announcements till later in the day following the unveiling of the BCS bowl matchups and the likelihood that we'll be forced to see LSU-Alabama again which is travashamockery.

But with Houston's colossal letdown against Don Ruiz and Brett Favre's  alma mater - the Southern Miss Eagles - it looks like Kansas State will get into the BCS. K-State beat Iowa State and is 10-2 on the season. From my old co-worker Kellis Robinett's game story ...

“I hope we go to the BCS now,” junior receiver Chris Harper said. “We controlled what we can control. I think we had some good things go our way. Hopefully we can get in there. I’m trying to play in the best bowl we can play in. We’ve got a legit shot and we’ve got a good resume. Why not? Why can’t we get in there?”

K-State will be in the mix for an at-large bid to the Sugar Bowl with Houston losing in the Conference USA championship game. But it will face strong competition from Michigan, Boise State and others. TCU could steal a spot from all of them if it finishes in the top 16 the final BCS standings, which will be unveiled today. If K-State misses out on the BCS, it will have to settle for the Cotton Bowl or Alamo Bowl.Still much of the projections have Kansas State in the BCS. Even if they don't get in, the Wildcats will likely go to the Cotton Bowl? So that means, that Washington will likely play either Oklahoma or Baylor in the Alamo Bowl.

It sounds as though if the Alamo Bowl was given the decision to choose, Baylor would be the likely candidate given they are in Texas, they have Robert Griffin III and are the hot team right now.

RGIII vs. the UW defense? Um, well, um.

But with the Cotton Bowl having first selection, it could take Baylor instead. It is a state school. But Oklahoma also travels very well to the Cotton Bowl as well.

So which one will it be? CBS Sports is projecting Oklahoma and ESPN is also projecting Oklahoma in the Alamo Bowl

Even though the Sooners looked shabby in Bedlam yesterday. They are still a damn good team with Landry Jones at quarterback.