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Huskies sluggish in return to bowl preparations

The Huskies returned to football practice today after several days off, and the consensus was that those days away showed.

“A little sluggish,” running back Chris Polk said. “Just me personally I gotten get my legs back in football shape. It’s just crazy how fast you go out of football shape and how hard you’ve got to work to get back in it. We’ll continue to work on it.”

Polk’s assessment matched that of coach Steve Sarkisian.

“You know: the first day back after considerable time off,” Sarkisian said. “… It was good to get back, to really get running. But I think we’ll see vast improvement over the next couple of days and then we’ll take three days off and then we’ll really get going. It was sloppy, but understandably so. They worked hard, just a little bit off."

The Huskies practiced at Dempsey Indoor, with Sarkisian explaining that's the closest they can come to approximating the atmosphere of the Alamodome. The school also has added to that by painting an Alamo Bowl logo at midfield.

Also today, freshman offensive lineman Colin Tanigawa went through surgery for his anterior cruciate ligament injury suffered in the Oregon State game.

"It's just the typical ACL recovery,” Sarkisian said. “Some guys are a little quicker some guys are not as quick, see how the swelling and his knee responds to the rehab as we go. … I'd say iffy (to be ready by training camp) right now because we just don't know.”