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UW officials shrug off Holt firing rumors

While I was flying back from  San Antonio, put out their daily scoop on coaching changes which included this ...

Washington: We are told that Sark has informed his defensive staff that changes will be made. We are told Nick Holt and safeties coach Jeff Mills will not return.

And of course, that touched off a wave of speculation here in the Puget Sound, while I was blissfully unaware cramped into my window seat.

As to the report, the official word from UW officials is there's nothing to it. Their official position is there nothing to report.

I wasn't able to get up there and talk to Holt since my plane didn't arrive, but obviously the Times reported that Holt was unaware of any such news.

The report seems a bit odd considering how adamant Steve Sarkisian  was postgame about taking time to evaluate everything, not just the defense.

Would it surprise me if Holt was fired? No. This season was that bad. But I'd be stunned if it happened in the next few days. I fully expect Sarkisian to sit down and carefully look at what transpired this season and what he wants and hopes for moving forward and then make a decision.