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Postgame quotes and audio from Washington's 76-60 win

Full Lorenzo Romar audio

CJ Wilcox audio

Players press conference audio (Abdul Gaddy, Tony Wroten and Aziz N'Diaye)

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Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar

Opening Statement

I was very concerned about this game because we have a lot of respect for the Oregon program and the way they have been playing basketball. They went out to Spokane a couple nights ago and just played, they looked like a well oiled machine. That was a team that hasn’t had a lot of experience this year playing together but they have a lot of experience. You talk about Tony Woods played in the ACC for a few years. Ashaolu played college basketball for 3 years, this is his 4th year. Jeremy Jacob, senior. Garrett Sim, senior. Kyle Singler, junior. They had one more guy, a transfer . They just have a lot of experience. They also went on a tour this summer, they got some things squared away so they were just a well oiled machine. We talked to our team about being alert because they would burn you, everything, every mistake you made. Hats off to our guys today, I thought we defended as well as we defended all year for an entire game this time. That was good to see as we go out on the road again. Abdul Gaddy and CJ Wilcox shared the responsibility of guarding their leading scorer Devoe Joseph. He was 1-13 and 0-5 from three. I just thought those guys tuned up and with the rest of our team did a heck of a job. Aziz N’Diaye I thought was sensational on the defensive end. I thought he really played a good game for us. This game was won on the defensive end. And obviously CJ Wilcox gave us a big lift with his scoring and his defense.

On keeping momentum when the refs reviewed the technicals and the game slowed down

The beauty about that situation is we always talk about the nights when you’re shooting 30% on the road and it just won’t go in. Your defense will sustain you. In a lull like that if we continue to play good defense it didn’t matter if we were out of rhythm offensively. Because of the way we were guarding, it didn’t matter.

Explanation for the altercation between Ashaolu, Wroten, and Gant

They said that both elbows were already up as he was making a pass but they really couldn’t see exactly what happened based on what the monitor showed, they really just couldn’t see it. (The technical on Gant) That was afterwards, you know, a couple verbal (exchanges) amongst each other.

Abdul Gaddy :

On the defense:

It’s the fact that we’re taking it real serious and the fact that it’s going to win us games. We’re trying to win the conference like everybody else is and we know that we’ll win if we play good defense. We’re a young team, we’ve just got to emphasize that a lot. When we go in to practice, that’s the first thing we emphasize every day.

On this game compared to past games:

Just the fact that we’re closing out better, we’re getting more deflections. It’s the little things like that. We’re hustling. We’re just being in position and being able to clear out the shooters. We’re guarding the ball … all different type of things. In practice, we keep getting better at it

On the offense:

We’re really good [from the 3-point line] when everyone is shooting like that, but the key to it is getting ball movement. We can’t just get on one side. We’re a fast team, so sometimes we get anxious, so we try to go on the first side. But if we move the ball around, we get open shots and we have great shooters on our team.

Tony Wroten:

On this game compared to non-conference games:

It’s just we realize what we’re capable of. We play team basketball. Obviously, we didn’t have a pre-season we would’ve liked to have. We realize defense wins championships, so we’ve changed game by game – one game at a time. We’re playing good defense and coming out with good wins.

Aziz N’Diaye:

On all the incidents on the foul line with the officials:

He was telling us because he was being too physical down the block. He was just telling us to take it easy. It was just a good physical game. I was just telling him that I wasn’t fouling or anything, I’m just showing [putting up] my hands. That’s what we talked about.

Oregon Head Coach Dana Altman for Oregon:

On the game:

Well I’m disappointed in our ball movement and we took a lot of bad shots. Their driving caused a lot of problems and we just didn’t do a good job of handling the ball. Their shooting percentage is in the 50’s so obviously we didn’t do a good job there. It was just a disappointing performance.  There’s a list of things we need to correct and we’ll work on them Monday.

On the breakdown of the perimeter defense:

We just couldn’t cover their dribble drives and it led to a lot of open threes.

On C.J. Wilcox:

He did a good job and we just did a poor job of covering it. He got some open looks in transition and we never slowed him down.