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Wrapping up the Huskies' 75-65 win over the Cougs

This is Terrence Ross and he was pretty good yesterday. It's something that everyone has waited for him to do. But was it a technical foul that saved the Huskies? If so, then UW fans can thank referee Mike Reed.

From my game story ...

With his team in danger of being beaten at home by the Cougars for the second year in a row, Huskies coach Lorenzo Romar threw a minor tantrum following a charging call on Ross.

“I never lose my composure,” Romar deadpanned afterward.

The outburst was probably a six on the 1-10 Romar anger scale. But it was enough of a display for referee Mike Reed to whistle him for a technical.

“Sometimes you just have to defend your team when your team is out there playing hard and playing right,” Romar said.

WSU’s Faisal Aden made both free throws and the Cougars led, 47-37, with just over 12 minutes left in the game.

But those two points were a small price to pay. The technical brought the sell-out crowd to life.

“That’s the first time this year I’ve heard our crowd like that,” Romar said. “When our crowd gets like that, it’s an unbelievable feeling.”

The technical put a basketball-size chip on the Huskies shoulders.

“It seemed like the refs were against us,” said senior Darnell Gant. “When we face adversity like that, I had to get my guys together and rally them up and say, it’s eight against five right now and we have to do whatever to get this win.”

The Huskies (11-6, 4-1 Pacific-12 Conference) channeled that anger into a 15-2 run. That run grew to 26-6, and later to 38-18 to end the game.

“The technical inspired the team, inspired the crowd,” Washington State coach Ken Bone said. “They rose to the occasion.”

TNT columnist John McGrath was at the game and also wrote about Lorenzo Romar's suit coat being the unsung hero. From his column:

It couldn’t have been easy for Romar to watch the far less talented Cougars maintain control with a zone defense that seemed to get inside the Huskies’ heads, and when Ross picked up his third foul, Mount LoRo erupted.

He screamed, and clenched his fist, and when neither got the attention of the officials, he attempted to take off his suit coat, presumably for something to throw at them.

But he couldn’t extract his arms from the sleeves. Still, a coach who wanders onto the floor with his arms stuck in his coat-sleeves is going to technical foul.

It’s impossible to quantify the extent that technical aroused the Huskies, but the correlation between Romar’s tantrum and his team’s comeback can’t be denied. Washington went on a 15-2 run after Faisel Aiden’s free throws pushed the Cougars lead to 47-37.

Everything – from the boisterous mood of the crowd to WSU’s sudden lapse of confidence – changed with the shrill sound of a whistle.Look at all those offensive rebounds.

"Jefe, would you say that's plethora of offensive rebounds?"

"Si, El Guapo."

WSU head coach Ken Bone admitted his team got beat up on the boards. It was evident in the numbers. It was evident just watching.

"I felt like Washington was more aggressive and probably a little bigger and stronger in the paint," he said. "But they just crushed us on the offensive glass."

From Howie Stalwick's story ..

“They got offensive rebound after offensive rebound,” WSU guard DaVonte Lacy said.

“We’re not big and athletic like other teams,” WSU guard Faisal Aden said, “but 20 offensive rebounds is ridiculous.”

Actually, the Huskies grabbed 22 of their 46 rebounds off the offensive glass.

WSU had just 24 total rebounds, including a mere four on the offensive end – only one of which came in the second half.

“They’re out there playing volleyball,” muttered Aden, referring to Washington’s ability to keep the ball alive after missed shots.From my buddy Christian Caple of the Spokesman ... Here's his game story and here's his blog post wrapping up the game.

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