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Wrapping up a busy football Monday

Well yesterday wasn't dull.

While everyone knew that Tosh Lupoi was being targeted, we didn't know it was that close to being done. While everyone knew that it seemed like a situation where Nick Montana would transfer, we were told he was enrolled in classes at UW.

And then the news started coming.

Here's my story from today's TNT wrapping it all up.

ESPN West Coast recruiting editor Greg Biggins said he thinks Lupoi’s success is two-pronged.

“Number one, he’s young and has a ton of energy,” Biggins said. “He knows how to relate to the players. He talks like them. They see him as a friend. And number two, he does a great job of getting on guys early. He’s able to build relationships for more than a year with them. Like this class, he was in on those guys well over a year ago.”

Lupoi was named recruiter of the year in 2010.

And with the announcement of his hiring, Twitter was buzzing that several of Cal’s top commitments were having second thoughts.

One of those commitments was Shaquille Thompson, from Sacramento’s Grant High School. The top safety prospect, he traveled to Cal and Washington a week ago, but several recruiting sites interviewed him Monday and he said his decision is not final.

“The impact this hire could have on two programs, it’s definitely huge,” Biggins said.Want to know more about Lupoi's background and upbringing. There are two good stories to read.

There is this story from

"For me, it's exciting," Lupoi said. "My nature and character is to feed off the competitive environment of recruiting. You can look at it in one of two ways. You can say you don't want any part of that kind of situation."

Or, as Lupoi chooses, you can embrace recruiting battles with the heavyweights. Lupoi wins his share.

But what exactly goes into creating one of the nation's top recruiters and most promising young coaches?

It's a complex formula.And there is this story from Sports Illustrated which was written by Adam Gorney of

On Monday, named the Cal defensive line coach the Recruiter of the Year for the 2010 class.

"While recruiting is a team effort and the whole staff played vital roles in our recruiting success, Tosh is worthy of being recognized as doing an exceptional job," Bears coach Jeff Tedford said. "His dedication to develop strong relationships and communicate the great opportunities that Cal provides makes him a very strong recruiter."

Lupoi was involved in signing many of Cal's top recruits, including Chris MartinKeenan AllenNick ForbesGabe King,Cecil Whiteside and Chris McCain.

"We're extremely fired up for the class that we were able to pull in and feel like it's one of the better classes in Cal history," Lupoi said. "It's a class that we can really build on and most likely depend on as far as individuals who can compete early and be involved in the great times that are occurring at Cal and the growing success we're establishing here.

"I'm blessed for what I represent at this university. The combination of the education as well as playing ball at a high level makes nearly everyone in the country -- even before this process begins -- accessible."So what was the reaction like from Cal fans? Um, not great. Of bigger concern is the reaction from Cal recruits. The twittersphere was flooded with retweets of Cal players reaction. One player to watch closest is Shaq Thompson out of Grant High in Sacramento. Rated as the top safety in the senior class, Thompson chose Cal over Washington a week ago. But he tweeted later that he had some thinking to do.

Of course, the recruiting sites all got ahold of him.

Biggins has this post (subscription required) talking to Thompson.

“I don’t know what I’m doing to do,” Thompson said. “I know this is a business and everyone has to do what’s best for them, but this one still hurts. I’ve known Tosh forever. He has been recruiting me for the last three years and, even though he won’t be my position coach, he’s a big reason I got interested in Cal in the first place.

More interesting was a later quote when he talked about the relationship his brother, Syd'Quam, had with Huskies defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox, who coached him at Cal.

“Coach Wilcox recruited my brother Syd to Cal and he has been close with me and my family ever since,” Thompson said. “That was years ago but we’re still close with him, so UW has a lot going for them. That was my second choice after Cal and I like them a lot right now. Like I said, I’m just really confused and have no idea what’s going to happen.”
Thompson told that he's now 50-50.

(subscription required)

Thompson is also quoted in this story from the Bay Area News Group, which looks at the impact of Lupoi leaving.

Recruiting site has a list of some reaction from other Cal recruits.

Ivan Maisel of ESPN writes about how good UW's assistant coaches are now

Speaking of recruiting ... Zach Banner played hoops at UW last night and Sark and the entire coaching staff were there watching. Doug Pacey had this blog post last night talking with Banner and Cedric Dozier. adjusted it's top 100 and Banner is ranked No. 16 in the country and now a 5-star recruit.