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Cal postgame audio of Mike Montgomery, Harper Kamp, Jorge Gutierrez and Robert Thurman

Big thanks to my fellow Griz alum Chris Wells  for getting me some Cal postgame audio.

Some interesting stuff from Jorge Gutierrez and Harper Kamp about Darnell Gant taking the last shot and not Terrence Ross.

Head coach Mike Montgomery talks about not fouling in that situation, and guarding Tony Wroten.

Also walk-on Robert Thurman talks about scoring a career high 14 points against UW

Mike Montomgery audio part 1: [HTML1]

Montgomery part 2: [HTML2]

Gutierrez and Kamp audio: [HTML3]

Robert Thurman audio: [HTML4]

A quick transcript of Montgomery's comments ...

California Head Coach Mike Montgomery

On Washington’s last possession:

We talked about fouling, but it’s not something we worked on. Conventional wisdom, most coaches don’t. But the way Ross had shot the ball, for example, we certainly thought about it. With N’Diaye you worry about an offensive board and potentially getting beat, that’s the thing, not so much that they rebound, but they tip it back and they get another shot. So now they’re two, and they get another one, boom they win. So, you hope that you can defend.

We were trying to switch everything and thought that Ross would probably get it. We were going to switch everything. We told them to drive him off the threepoint line. We haven’t had a lot of close games. Games we’ve lost, we’ve lost fairly substantially other than San Diego State. So we haven’t had a lot of situations like that, but in a 30- second timeout it could be confusing. All the sudden the guy’s in a shooting motion and you foul him. That would be the worst thing you could do so we elected not to. I think the thing that was the most discouraging was that they got a second look. Once you get them to miss, you have got to secure the ball. So that was a little bit concerning. If you make two free throws, you don’t have that situation.

On playing well in the first half and Washington coming back in the second half

They can be very, very aggressive and in the second half, they did a little bit of the same thing they did to Washington State. They just got out and sold out. We turned the ball over too much, sometimes for no reason. And sometimes those lead to easy shots for them, easy baskets. I thought in the half court we did a good job defensively when we weren’t turning it over. In the first half, they played a lot of zone. I think they’re not as deep as they’ve been in the past.