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Lorenzo Romar postgame audio and video

Full press conference audio: [HTML2]

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar

Some transcribed quotes from UW after the jump

Reaction to the game

For us, something that we can really hold onto after this game is how hard we played.  I thought we played very physical.  I thought we were alert.  I’m just proud of our guys’ focus and approach.  It’s unfortunate we lost a close one to Cal, but without C.J. (Wilcox) to come out here and get through tonight, I couldn’t be more proud of our players.

On the overall progress this team has made this season

I think earlier in the year I said that we may have some ups and downs early because of the makeup of this team.  I thought we’d be a much better team later than we would early.  We’ve been a work in progress all season and I think inch by inch we’ve been getting a little better.  We’re starting to see some things that look more like what we’ve been talking about in terms of the big picture of our team.  We’re still not there.  If 10 is our best and one is our worst, we’re at about a five or a six here.

On the play of Austin Seferian-Jenkins

He didn’t score a point, but with what he does, I think he can be effective in most games.  He’s an energy guy who’s strong and physical.  As he learns more and more about what we’re doing I think you’ll see him go to the foul line a lot more.  Usually physical, aggressive guys do that.

(before today) He just did not know what we were doing.  He hadn’t been out there long enough.  If he was one of those guys who’d been playing one year or something, there’s no where he could’ve played tonight.  But he did play basketball.  He’s played basketball for a long time so he understands the game and he has some good instincts but he did not know what we were doing conceptually.  He’s picked it up more.

What’s the secret to reaching 300 wins?

Don’t get fired.  Whatever you do when you have a group setting, you’d better have good people around you.  If everybody is of the same mindset that we’re going to work hard together, no one caring about who gets the credit, then I think you can accomplish some things.  From coaching staffs, to the administration, to the players that we’ve had, I think we’ve had good people around me.

On tonight’s rotation

The thing we did differently was we played Desmond (Simmons) more on the perimeter to attempt to give (other wing players) more rest.  We got to rest Tony a little more, just a minute or two here or there.  And Desmond on the perimeter allowed us to do that and with Austin, Desmond didn’t get worn down.  I think where Austin really helped was when Aziz got in foul trouble. Stanford is a tall, very good rebounding team but when Aziz got in foul trouble, Austin was able to come in a spell him and we didn’t regress at all.