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Morning run: Teams dealing with injuries

For today's paper, I wrote about Huskies and Sun Devils dealing with injury issues to two of their best players - C.J. Wilcox and Trent Lockett (above).

Obviously, the Huskies have been able to overcome Wilcox's absence a little easier than ASU could withstand not having Lockett. Why? Well things like talent and depth are in the Huskies favor.

From my notebook ...

Romar can’t allow himself to get his hopes up about playing a Lockett-less Sun Devils.

“We are going to assume that Trent Lockett is playing,” he said.

So which player’s injury hurts worse for his team?

The Huskies won two of the three games they played without Wilcox. Romar said he believes that his team would have beaten California instead of losing by three points if Wilcox could have played even 15 minutes.

“Cal is a good team, and we didn’t get it done at home, but the fact we were able to go 2-1 without C.J., I feel like we dodged a bullet,” Romar said.

The Sun Devils were 0-2 in the two full games without Lockett, both blowout losses, including a 20-point drubbing to an awful Utah team.

“We don’t have any one player to go into a phone booth and become Trent,” Sendek said. “Trent basically leads us in every statistical category.”

Lockett leads ASU in minutes played (35.0 per game), scoring (13.9 points per game), rebounding (6.4 per game), free throws attempted and made (60-for-83), 3-point shooting percentage (42.4) and steals (26). Lockett is second in assists (37) and field-goal percentage (54.7).

“We all have to carry an extra bucket of water without him,” Sendek said.

Therein lies the difference between the two teams. Washington has enough depth and talent to carry the buckets of water, while Arizona State does not.

Speaking of injuries .... Arizona forward Kevin Parrom is dealing with an injury that no player expects to deal with. And basketball has helped him. From Bruce Pascoe's story ...
He was healed just enough to play. But he needed to play to keep healing.

"I could have done it to be safe, but I didn't want to sit out the whole year and think about what happened," said Parrom, who also lost his mother and grandmother to cancer last year. "In order to recover, I also had to recover mentally. People don't understand that.

"In order to recover mentally, I wanted to play basketball. … I needed to play this year, whether it was good or bad."

Fortunately for the Wildcats, it may be good after all. Or at least better.

Parrom averaged 9.0 points and 4.5 rebounds, shooting 7 from 15 from the field, during Arizona's trip to Utah and Colorado last week. As a result, Miller said he wants to expand the forward's role this weekend, though Parrom will still come off the bench.Over in Pullman, Ken Bone talked a lot about Faisal Aden and his recent play of late.

Also Bone was on with Mitch in the Morning on KJR the other day. He talked about his fall against UW, and he also has some interesting stuff about the Huskies.

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Craig Robinson is trying to rebuild connections with past OSU players. It started with a major step of having Gary Payton back in Corvallis for a game.

Both Oregon and Oregon State are playing well, but in need of a few extra days of rest before their Sunday showdown.

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