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Kevin O'Neill postgame comments

USC Head Coach Kevin O’Neill

On the game

If we made some shots or layups or free throws in the first 30 minutes, I mean… we had good looks. Greg Allen is 1 for 10 from the three, and if we don’t shoot the ball any better now we are not going to win.  Toward the end during the last eight minutes it just got worse. We don’t have the numbers with all the injuries and losses in recruiting classes and all of that. It’s just the way it is.

On Consistency

We were 1 for 16 from the three tonight. We’re just inexperienced, young, and thin. When we were in Brazil, none of these guys other than Mo (Maurice Jones) were starters. We lost four out of our top five from graduating, to the NBA. If you took any team, say Washington’s team, and took away all their juniors and seniors off it, which is what we have, and then take away their next best four guys, they’d look like us.  Any team in the league would.

On his patience

Let’s just say I’m glad I’m 55 instead of 35. At 35 I wouldn’t be handling this very well. But I’m more frustrated for our guys. They give good effort; only turned it over 12 times, and the other night just 9 times.  We put ourselves in position to knock down shots and get to the line. I’m sure it’s getting difficult for these guys as we keep going down the line.