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Official trailer for documentary on Isaiah Thomas called "Mr. IrrelevanT"

A film crew is putting together a documentary about Isaiah Thomas and his first year in the NBA. Here's the third and "official" trailer for the upcoming movie called "Mr. Irrelevant" that won't be finished till sometime next year. It's being directed by Tyler "T.J." Regan.

From the press release ...

This past summer, Isaiah Thomas left the University of Washington a year early to pursue his dream as a Professional Basketball Player and on June 23rd he was drafted with the 60th pick by the Sacramento Kings in the 2011 NBA Draft.  The label given to that pick is "Mr. Irrelevant", meaning nobody really expects much of an NBA career out of whoever is chosen with that pick.  If you know Isaiah, either personally or from seeing him on the basketball court, you know he is ANYTHING but "Mr. Irrelevant".  Isaiah has had to earn every bit of respect that he has been given, and he's done it all the hard way. Nothing has ever been handed to him.
We've had camera's following Isaiah since he declared for the NBA Draft, documenting his hard work and the entire process from then to now.  Everything from his preparation for the NBA draft, Draft Day, the entire lockout, his personal life, road trips to "Lockout Charity Games", etc.  And we are currently in the process of capturing his entire rookie season.
Filming for this documentary won't be complete until the end of 2012, but we will be have been releasing trailers throughout the year with this being the 3rd release.