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Noon hoops: Huskies playing a little more zone than usual

When everything is right and executed, the Washington Huskies are a good to great man-to-man defense team. With a slew of athletes and solid depth and conditioning, UW can play an aggressive man-to-man that gives teams defensive fits.

But this season, we've seen the Huskies play more 2-3 zone than in past years. Why? Well for a number of reasons.

From my story ...

“We’re better equipped to play zone now than in the past, and we’re playing zone better now than we have in the past,” Romar said. “I don’t know if we are better at the zone than the man-to-man.”

But it’s still only a change of pace for the Huskies. They still want to be a man-to-man team.

“If you looked at all our possessions all year, you’d see we’re still a man-to-man team,” Romar said.

There are a myriad of reasons for why or when Romar decides to use the zone, and it’s not just a function of poor man-to-man defense.

“Every team is different, and every part of the game is different,” he said. “I’ve seen teams this year where they went zone because they couldn’t stop a team in man and it got worse than man. And then they went back to man and it was worse than the first time they were in man. Sometimes teams get in a rhythm and it doesn’t matter what you try.”

It kind of sounds like Romar was talking about the loss at Oregon.

Still, the reason for the Huskies playing zone is more a matter of need, particularly with Scott Suggs redshirting and C.J. Wilcox missing some time with injuries.

“We were in foul trouble so we went with the zone just to try to keep guys in the game,” Romar said. “There were times when our depth was really down, and just to keep guys in the game longer without getting exhausted we went with the zone.

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Quickly ... read Pat Forde's " Forde Minutes" if nothing for this snippet of officiating...

Ted Valentine (3) and the fans. Who else would lead this list but a guy named Valentine? “TV Teddy,” as he’s known, is a basketball official. A high-profile, high-visibility, high-theatrics basketball official. Sometimes not content to simply call a game, Valentine has been known to hijack a game. At the least, he usually can be counted on to make at least one showboat callagainst the home team, just to show he’s in charge.

He likes the attention.

Contrary to many people out there, The Minutes does not think Valentine is a bad official. He is not the worst ref in the world, as some assert – in fact, he wasn’t even the worst one on the court Saturday for the Michigan State - Ohio State game. But he did have a “TV Teddy” moment.

In a heated, physical game between Ohio State and Michigan State that at times had both teams upset, Valentine made a fairly grandiose show of assessing a bench warning to the Buckeyes for having a coach (or coaches) out of the box. In fact, it appeared that Valentine assessed the same warning twice during a media timeout, just to get the point across. The Minutes suspects that Valentine specifically was peeved at Ohio State assistant Jeff Boals, whose habit of mockingly clapping after calls go against the Buckeyes does not endear him to the stripes.