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Audio and video: Lorenzo Romar postgame press conference


Partial transcript of his comments after the jump

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar

Opening Statement:

Well that was a tale of two halves.  I thought we were, with the exception of too many turnovers in the first half, really, really efficient.  In the second half, it appeared we lost focus.  We didn’t handle that lead as well as we should have.  I don’t like the way we finished the game but we came up with another victory.  So, we’re one step closer to finishing this up the right way.

In the second half did it just look like the guys were ready for Saturday?

Could be … I don’t know.  We’re still learning.  We’re still growing.  We’re trying to build a machine that plays one way, the right way.

On Arizona State’s style of play:

I think they didn’t change how they played in the second half.  We attacked their zone as well as ever have.  We shot 61% in the first half, we got really good looks.  I think we had nine assists in the first half.  I thought we did a really good job against them.  In the second half we started to shoot it too quickly.  We talked to our team and commended them on how we moved the ball in the first half.  We specifically said that we shot 61% and scored 44 points in the first half and we weren’t rushing shots because we were taking good shots.  In the second half we got in a hurry too much and rushed things, but defensively we had too many lapses.  It was not as good an effort as needed.  We weren’t physical at all in the second half.

How much does it help the offense having C.J. Wilcox healthy out there?

It helps immensely.  Now, with C.J., it changes the dynamic of how you can approach the offense because (without him) you don’t have very many shooters on the floor.

On Aziz’s wrist and overall health:

His wrist is already problematic.  And he bumped knees with someone and fell.  He bumped knees, and now he tries to brace himself when he falls so his wrist is in pain.  It’s one of those things where until his wrist is fixed, whenever he falls or there is contact, it’s going to painful.  It shouldn’t get worse but it will be painful.