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Arizona head coach Sean Miller's postgame quotes

Arizona Head Coach Sean Miller

On Washington’s offensive rebounding:

They had 11 more shots at the basket than us.  The fact that they turned the ball over six times and got twenty second shots, I think 42 points in the paint, it was clearly the difference in the game.  They do that very well.  It’s not as if tonight they did it against us.  To me, it’s the thing they do the very best of any team in the conference and we knew that coming in.  We had a lot of break downs and sometimes it’s difficult to give credit to the other team, but it’s the right thing in this case.  They were hungry, they play hard, they’re great at offensive rebounding and they had that in place tonight.  That was clearly the difference in the game.  Really at half time I felt good about how we had played but as the game wears on against a team like that, they have a way of wearing you down.  And to me they wore us down physically.

On how Arizona wore down physically as the game progressed:

One of the things I think we’re dealing with right now is the reality of playing seven players.  At first you can get some additional chemistry and experience good play, but one week becomes two, two weeks become three.  And we played really hard at Washington State on Thursday night.  With everything we did in that game and the quick turn around on Saturday at noon, I believe it favors the home team.  But in our case, we wore down physically.  I feel like when you’re playing against a team as talented, deep and hard-playing as Washington is, as we started to wear down physically you could see we had a hard time getting the ball.

How difficult is it to stop Tony Wroten from getting into the lane?

It’s very difficult.  And he is so different because he gets his own miss about as well as any player I’ve seen.  It almost sounds funny to say that but if you watch him, he can get to the basket, miss his shot and get a second shot.  He puts a lot of pressure on your defense.  We lived this last year with Derrick (Williams).  Sometimes Derrick alone would be so devastating to the other team that it’s difficult for them to win.  The combination of Terrence Ross and Tony Wroten is really a 1-2 punch that you have to be ready to deal with because tonight they were terrific.  Tonight they almost had 50 points between two players.