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Morning run: Four less-than-stellar games for an open night of viewing

Wow.  You know how we try to defend the Pac-12 as a good conference. Well, I have found evidence to the contrary. I finally get a night where I can sit and watch some college hoops. And I get these games below?  Really how would you rate them?  I guess I would go Colorado-Stanford with the potential to be interesting and maybe UCLA and Arizona State. The only game that would be interesting featuring USC, is if the Trojans were playing Montana.

I'm sure I will still watch some of the games. But I'm guessing the Gonzaga-BYU game gets more of my attention.

Quickly before we get to tonight's games ... Gregg Bell has this nice feature on Darnell Gant and his growth as a player at Washington. ... Scott Johnson wrote this story on Tony Wroten's ability to rebound his own miss and score. In this mailbag, Seth Davis of SI answers a question about UW. The answer doesn't really touch on much and several Husky fans have said its clear he's barely seen them play.  I'm sure Davis has seen UW play, but really the Huskies haven't given him much of a reason with their record.

The games ...

USC at Arizona, 6:30 p.m. FSAZ

  • Bruce Pascoe of the Arizona Star has this nice story on Dondre Wise - a player who will probably won't play in his final two homes games of his career, but has coaching aspirations. Here's some notes from Pascoe as well.
UCLA at Arizona State, 6:30 p.m.
California at Utah, 7 p.m.
  • John Crumpacker has this story on freshman big man David Kravish. The kid is skinny, but by the time he's a senior he will be an all-league level contributor. Jeff Faraudo has his scouting report.
  • Here's Bill Oram's game preview for the Utes.
Stanford at Colorado, 8:30 p.m. FSN