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WSU postgame comments from Ken Bone, Marcus Capers and Abe Lodwick

Washington State Quotes:

Head Coach Ken Bone

On free throws…

“We got to the line, which was critical especially with a team that shoots a very good percentage. I think we are one of the top two teams in the league percentage wise but we just didn’t put them down. We made free throws in the first half. They made free throws in the second half and we didn’t.”

On the overall game…

“It was a game in where we thought we could compete and work hard…and we did. We played extremely hard but there is certainly disappointment in our locker room right now, no doubt about it.”

“I think we have shown we can compete with anyone. When the guys step on the floor they play hard and they play together. I feel like almost every single game they have left it on the court. That’s what I’m most proud of and I know the staff is. Sometimes you just don’t shoot the ball well and tonight was one of those nights.”

On the design of the last play…

“Going to (Patrick) Simon was one of the options, if he was wide open we told him to shoot it. He had a good look, the other day at practice he made 8-of-10. He is a great shooter, unfortunately for him, you know kind of like Brock (Motum) last year, he just hasn’t had a chance to play that many minutes. But we know what he is capable of, we see him every day and he is a prolific shooter.”

Senior Guard Marcus Capers

On Washington’s run at the end…

“I was expecting it. I mean us being here, we were a lot more confident than at UW. In a situation like that on our home court, that’s pretty much what you want because you’re still confident for the most part. It just didn’t happen the way we wanted to.”

On if poor free throw shooting was contagious…

“I don’t think it was that. I think people were just thinking a little too much. The three I missed, they felt good coming off my hand. Even with that we were just talking to each about getting stops. I felt like when we were missing free throws, our defense stepped up a lot more.”

Senior Forward Abe Lodwick

On the how the loss affects the team’s confidence…

“This game, it’s not a death sentence for us. We understand where we are in the Pac-12 we also understand that we have two games left in conference and we want to finish off strong and we want to do whatever we can do to make a lot of noise at this conference tournament. We still are a confident team, we’re a team that is playing teams tough, well enough to win. So it’s one of those things, if things go right here or there, free throws, stuff like that.... We’re a tough ball club and I know we’re a team that scares a lot of people, so I wouldn’t want to play us in the Pac-12 Tournament.”