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Wrapping up Washington's 86-84 loss to Oregon State

Obviously, a lot went wrong yesterday. But if you are going to blame everything on Tony Wroten, then I seriously question your basketball knowledge. So much went wrong before Wroten missed those four free throws which contributed to Washington losing. And for the people getting on Tony Wroten's Twitter page and leaving nasty tweets - I don't care what school you are a fan of or what your personal angle is - you need to get a life.

Now the Huskies must sit and wait ...

From my game story...

Their NCAA tournament hopes now fall somewhere between unlikely and barely with the dreaded initials NIT being mentioned, thanks to back-to-back losses – both games they probably should have won.

And if they Huskies do sneak into the field of 68, a first-round play-in game in Dayton, Ohio is a very real possibility.

Head coach Lorenzo Romar tried to defend his team's belief that it is NCAA tournament eligible, mentioning the team's regular season Pac-12 title. But even he didn't come off sounding too convincing.

"Well, I'm not in there in the committee," he said. "I know we haven't won as many games as we should have in non conference as a league. I would think the Pac 12 champion would be able to find a place in the NCAA Tournament. We certainly didn't help ourselves today, but I would think we'd be able to find ourselves in there."

So now the Huskies will return home to Seattle and think about what could have been.

What happened if they just made a few more free throws?

What happened if they just kept OSU off the offensive boards a few times.

What happened if they just would have come out with any sense of urgency instead of slogging their way through an awful first half?

Instead, what happened is the Huskies failed do any of those things necessary to win. And now they have three excruciating days of waiting and reflecting before they know their postseason fate.

"The committee, they're meeting, and we're kind of at the mercy of their decision," Romar said.

The last two years it was only a matter where they were seeded. This year, they are just hoping to their name called.

"It's not going to be fun," said sophomore shooting guard C.J. Wilcox. "If our name doesn't get called, everyone is going to be let down." 

So where does it leave the Huskies ... likely going to Dayton for the play-in game if they get in  ... let's look at the brackets

TNT columnist John McGrath says the Huskies aren't a tourney team ... From his column ...

Not good enough.

The overall record (21-10, without a single nonconference victory over a Top 100 team) isn’t good enough. The record performance index number (54 and still sinking) isn’t good enough. The strength-of-schedule ranking (82) isn’t good enough.

As for that label defining the Huskies’ only relevant accomplishment – undisputed regular-season champions of a major conference? Not good enough.

“I know we haven’t won as many games as we should have in nonconference as a league,” coach Lorenzo Romar said after the Huskies’ one-and-done flameout in Los Angeles. “But I would think the Pac-12 champions would be able to find a place in the NCAA tournament.”

Romar honors his sport by the knowledge he’s acquired about the players and coaches who preceded him – it would be fair to call him a college-basketball historian – but when it comes to the sanctity of a regular-season Pac-12 championship, he’s living in the pastStill think it's Wroten's fault ... Kevin Pelton of Basketball Prospectus says it isn't