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Video and full audio: Postgame press conference with Lorenzo Romar, Tony Wroten and Terrence Ross

Might be tough to hear Ross and Wroten on the video. They were both talking pretty quietly for some reason.

Full audio: [HTML2]

Abdul Gaddy audio: [HTML3]

Some transcripts after the jump ... with quotes from Darnell Gant, C.J. Wilcox and Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Washington Head Coach Lorenzo Romar

Opening Statement:

I would have to say, that was an outstanding basketball game. A total of 15 turnovers between the two teams. I think both teams were playing pretty efficient basketball. A lot of plays, big plays that were made. It was one of those “somebody had to lose” type games. I’m proud of our team and I’m proud that we were the ones that came out on top and we’re headed to New York.

On the next games:

First of all, we have a chance to win a national championship in the NIT and I think that’s number one. Number two, it gives a couple of the seniors more games with this team. Our guys don’t understand it now because they’re younger, but when you look back about 10 or 15 years from now, this is something you can really appreciate. The extra time you spend together, because this same group will never be together again. So the extra time is going to be great. Along with us being able to travel, playing in the Garden again, as we did earlier in the year.

On the atmosphere tonight:

Our fans were unbelievable. It was (almost) a sellout. The crowd was great. The crowd helped will us to victory. It was a good time.

On the Dawg Pack:

We talked about the Dawg Pack for many years. They’ve been a catalyst, I think. We had a 32-game winning streak at home one time and that had to do a lot with the Dawg Pack.

On the turnovers:

We may have held the ball a couple of times and not given it up when we should’ve of and we turned it over. That’s the kind of kamikaze, gambling situation where you go all out, you go for the ball, if you don’t get it, you foul. So there may be some deflections or turnovers here and there. But again, we had four turnovers in the first half and four in the second half, so I think we did the job.

On E.J. Singler:

E.J.’s a good player, but I thought in the second half, we did a much better job of containing him and Terrence and CJ were on him for the most part.

On Abdul Gaddy’s game:

10 assists, 11 points, and seven rebounds. Almost a triple-double. And he had really good defense. He had a great game, great game.

On Tony Wroten:

I said many times, it [his game] just shows his versatility. He had eight assists in the Arlington game and took maybe five shots and contributed in that way. Tonight, he went to the line and hit 10 out of 14. He rebounded and had a big-time hustle play on the block on the 3-point shot. He just busted his tail like a champion. He got on the floor and did things like that. He just shows a lot of versatility on the floor. Each game presents a different challenge and he’s talented enough to adjust to whatever games he plays.

Tony Wroten

On getting back to New York

Yeah, we definitely wanted to go back. After the NCAA tournament, we tuned into the NIT and our goal was to make it to New York and win it. For us to be going back to Madison Square Garden, one of the most historic arenas is a blessing. When we get there, we have got to take advantage of it and try to win a championship.

On the rematch with Oregon

Last time we played Oregon, they kind of embarrassed us down in Eugene. They beat us by a lot. We thought we were done playing them, and when we found out we were playing Oregon, we were licking our chops ready. And for us to get a win like this is just big.

On the satisfaction of earning to play another game

It’s good because none of us want our season to end. We want to win another trophy. Going to New York, last time we went there, we didn’t win any games. That’s more motivation for us and playing for a national championship for the NIT, that’s even more motivation. We’re so close to doing it. We have a lot on the line, so we just have to stay focused to pull it out.

On having fun tonight

It was extremely fun. [Romar] was saying the more you win, the more people come, the more you get into the game. This game, to play a rival team like Oregon to a sold out crowd, we have one of the loudest crowds in the country. When they get into it, it was a crazy, exciting, fun game.

Terrence Ross

On the high intensity of the game

It was a battle, so that’s always fun. We brought intensity; they brought intensity, so it was a real intense game until the end. It was a real fun game, especially playing in front of the Dawg Pack and all the fans; (almost) sold out, so it was fun to play.

Getting excited after the turnaround and one play

It was just a big play, especially in a big game like this. There was a lot on the line for us; we didn’t want our season to end. They beat us bad last time, so being in the position we were, we just wanted to take full advantage of it. I think that’s what we did.

Darnell Gant

On defending E.J Singler in the second half

I was just trying to take him off the three point line.  It was a team effort.  We just had to make sure that he didn’t get open looks, because if he gets open and gets going he is pretty hard to stop.  He is a good player and when he gets hot he can hit a lot of shots.  He is a work horse so we just had to try to slow him down.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins

On what you wanted to do coming off of the bench

I just wanted to come in and play basketball.  I wanted to do whatever I had to do to help the team.

On your defensive strategy against Tony Woods

He just told me to play my game and make sure he wasn’t being too physical down there.  He has been abusing a lot of other teams and we just weren’t going to have that tonight.

Aziz N’Diaye

On the gameplan

We just wanted to come out ready to play and be aggressive because that was a must win game for us.  They are a very good team so we just had to come out and make sure we played Husky basketball because its what we have been working on for months now.

On coach Romar’s advice to you when you got the fourth foul

He just told me to be smart, because at that time we needed to get stops near the end of the game, but I couldn’t get my fifth foul.  I just made sure to stay on my feet and not jump to block shots.  He just told me to be smart so that  is what I did.

On Tony Woods

He is a good player.  He got a lot better as the season went on.  I remember playing him earlier in the season and each game since you can see that he has been working on his game.  He came out ready to play.  He got some easy looks early on which got him going.

C.J. Wilcox

On the gameplan

We wanted to make sure we got them off of the three point line and played tough inside.  We couldn’t let their big guys muscle around like they did when we played them down in Oregon.

On free throws down the stretch

Free throws are huge that has been one of our main points all season is making free throws in the last four minutes of the game.  We had to do it and it really helps to seal the game.

On coach Romar’s message at halftime

We were doing good things.  We were playing well on defense, but they were scoring off of our negligence.  We got out of place sometimes and they got buckets.  I mean they are all shooters and we expect them to make shots, but we definitely got out of rotation on some plays and gave them open looks.